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AVILEN and Japan Investment Advisors Form Strategic Partnership - Collaboration in all areas of investment including M&A -

AVILEN(Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Kotaro Takahashi, Representative Director; hereinafter "AVILEN") announces that Japan Investment Advisors, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Naoto Shiraiwa, Representative Director; hereinafter "JIA") has become a shareholder of AVILEN through a share transfer from an existing shareholder and has entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will enable JIA to pursue M&A opportunities. Through this partnership, the two companies will strengthen their collaboration in the area of investment, including M&A, with the aim of achieving discontinuous growth for AVILEN and JIA.

Since its inception in 2018, AVILEN has been developing and implementing AI software using AVILEN AI, our proprietary technology core module, including generative AI, as well as AI-driven build-up packages under our vision of "the latest technology to the many". JIA has provided AI software development, implementation, and AI-driven build-up packages to more than 530 companies, including pre-DX-Ready clients.

JIA is listed on the prime market and since August 2015 has engaged in a wide range of investment formats, including venture and buyout investments, resulting in four IPOs to date.

By combining AVILEN's technology with JIA's advanced and specialized knowledge and expertise in investments, M&A and other financial solutions, the two companies will collaborate to achieve discontinuous growth for AVILEN and JIA.

Image of collaboration between AVILEN and JIA

  1. AVILEN will collaborate with JIA to provide AI-based solutions to JIA's portfolio companies to enhance their value.
  2. AVILEN will collaborate with JIA on investment projects in new IT fields from a technical perspective.
  3. JIA will introduce investment projects in which the strengths of both AVILEN and the candidate can be utilized, and provide financial solutions including JIA's co-investment.

<AVILEN's comments on the alliance>
Kotaro Takahashi, Representative Director, AVILEN

AVILEN provides AI solutions such as AI software development, implementation, and build-up packages to enrich Japan with technology.

This strategic partnership with JIA, a professional investment group listed on the prime market, is the first step in AVILEN's efforts to realize its vision of "bringing the latest technology to as many people as possible" and to increase the probability of AVILEN's mid- to long-term discontinuous growth. This is the first step in AVILEN's efforts to realize its vision of "bringing the latest technology to as many people as possible.

Through this strategic partnership, we will deepen our collaboration and further accelerate our activities to bring AI-based software and build-up packages, such as generative models, to a wider range of people and companies.

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