Purpose / Values


Enriching Humanity with Data and Algorithms

In the coming AI de facto era,
the barriers of "seizing control of increasingly sophisticated and complex technologies" and
"a shrinking workforce due to a declining birthrate and aging population"
stand in front of Japanese companies and people.

With the power of Tech x Biz,
we will support "restructuring business models and fundamentally changing processes",
"super efficiency and innovation through data and algorithms" and
"internalization of technology utilization"
to open up a prosperous tomorrow for mankind.


  1. Inquisitive spirit toward technology

    Inquisitive spirit toward technology

    We believe that we can offer the best choices for our clients because we are always well versed in the "latest technology". AVILEN's fundamental value is that all members, from data scientists and engineers to the business side and back office, embody the spirit of believing in, learning, understanding, utilizing, and spreading the potential of technology to as many people as possible.

  2. Dedication to customer value creation

    Dedication to customer value creation

    We believe that success for us is the long-term success of our customers in achieving their visions. We are thoroughly committed to providing support that captures the essence of the issues and the results that lead to our clients' success. We are also committed to continuous improvement of our own internal processes and rules to achieve the highest level of productivity that leads to customer value.

  3. Beyond comfort zone

    Beyond comfort zone

    We believe that in this era of rapid change, maintaining the status quo is a form of degeneration. In order to continue to provide true customer value, we have "an honest heart that understands our shortcomings" and "the ambition to change the comfortable status quo and take on new challenges," and we will continue to learn and grow from society, customers, colleagues, and the past.

  4. All For One

    All For One

    We believe in the importance of everyone's commitment to the policies set by the team, with each person identifying what is needed without being limited by roles or means to achieve maximum results. Uniting all units of the organization, the team generously provides the necessary support to help individuals achieve maximum performance.