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AVILEN supports DX human resource development of Teijin Limited, a major chemical manufacturer (provides "DX/AI organizational development roadmap formulation" and "DX literacy training").

Develop global policy for DX human resources & enhance digital utilization literacy of domestic employees

AVILEN, Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kotaro Takahashi; hereinafter “AVILEN”) is TEIJIN LIMITED (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akimoto Uchikawa; hereinafter “Teijin”) ”), we provide “DX / AI organizational development roadmap formulation” and “DX literacy training” to support organizational transformation to realize DX promotion.


Teijin is actively engaged in DX promotion activities utilizing digital and IT technologies as a key measure to create innovation for the entire Teijin Group.The ultimate goal is to have autonomous DX activities take root in which each and every employee thinks and acts on his or her own initiative.
To achieve this goal, it is essential to improve the DX literacy of employees and enable them to make their own proposals and plans to realize DX and put them into practice.In other words, it is essential to develop employees with the ability to take action.

In order to cultivate this ability to take action, we felt that it was necessary to define the kind of human resources we should aim for, and then create a systematic educational program with a storyline to get there, rather than simply providing educational content. Furthermore, we also emphasized the importance of measuring the effectiveness of the human resource education we implemented and continuously improving the content of the education.

Contents of Support

AVILEN provides Teijin with the following organizational transformation support through "DX/AI Organization Development Roadmap Formulation" and "DX Literacy Training".
Formulate a global policy for human resource development and training to realize autonomous DX activities
Visualize employees' DX skills using a DX literacy diagnostic system
Systematically provide training programs based on the diagnostic results and global policy to improve employees' DX skills
Measure the effectiveness of education through the DX literacy diagnostic system and improve the content of education programs

Overview and Features of "DX/AI Organization Development Roadmap Formulation"


"DX/AI Organization Development Roadmap Formulation" is a consulting service that defines the organizational capabilities and human resource skills required to promote DX and utilize AI, and supports training plans.
Develop a roadmap in 4 steps
Examine the organization's goals
・Understand the company's business plan and DX strategy
・Clarify necessary human resources and skill sets
・Create an organization chart for 1~3 years from now
Analysis of the current status of employees
・Assessment test
・Interviews and questionnaires
・Skill assessment through competition
Formulate a training plan
・Establish training methods and schedule
・Clarify how to measure results
・Calculate budget
Develop a recruitment plan
・Establish recruitment method & schedule
・Create the basis for job postings
・Calculate budget

Overview and Features of "DX Literacy Training"


"DX Literacy Training" is an educational program to acquire basic knowledge and utilization skills related to DX to realize DX promotion = business growth through DX literacy assessment + e-learning + work.
Learn 5 areas of study and acquire DX literacy
● Introduction to DX: Learn the definition of DX and the significance of working on DX.
Customer Experience: Learn about the need to improve customer experience
● Digital Technology: Learn about the digital technologies that support the realization of DX.
● Data Utilization: Learn about the importance of data utilization and initiatives
● Business Flow: Learn about visualization of business flow, how to identify issues, and RPA.

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DX Literacy Training
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For more than 100 years since its founding, Teijin has sought to improve the quality of life by helping people lead affluent and comfortable lives. The future we continue to pursue is a sustainable and prosperous society that goes beyond the achievement of the SDGs, which have now become a common language around the world. Our imagination to anticipate changes in society and our creativity backed by our technological capabilities. We have refined three innovative solutions (environmental value solutions, health-oriented solutions for the declining birthrate and aging population, and solutions for safety, security, and disaster prevention). Based on these solutions, Teijin aims to become "a company that supports the future of society" by continuing to create new value needed by society.

<Company Profile>
Representative : Akimoto Uchikawa, President and Chief Executive Officer
Home Page :
Location : Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Tower, 2-1, Kasumigaseki 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment : June 17, 1918
Business Description :
We are developing our business in the insurance field, focusing on both ethical pharmaceuticals and home medical equipment. In addition, we are expanding our business not only in the field of "treatment" of diseases, but also in the non-insurance fields of "prevention" and "nursing care. Through the provision of medical solutions, we are opening up new possibilities for people's quality of life.

About AVILEN, Inc.

With a vision of "cutting-edge technology for all," AVILEN provides AI solutions centered on AI-powered software development and build-up packages (support for building AI/DX organizations) to more than 530 companies (1), mainly publicly listed companies. We support AI transformation from the improvement of a company's ability to use technology to the introduction of AI.
(※1)Actual number of companies served as of February 2023 

<Company Profile>
Company name : AVILEN, Inc.
Representative : Kotaro Takahashi, President and Representative Director
Home Page :
Location : 9F Akihabara First Square, 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Date of Establishment : August 15, 2018
Business Description :
・Solving business issues through the development of AI-based software and data utilization technology
・Support for organizational transformation through strategic planning of AI/DX organization development and human resource development
・Development, provision, and implementation support of SaaS products utilizing AI technology

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