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【E-Certification course with No. 1 number of successful applicants at the lowest price】 Notice of speed course opening in April 2022


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) will start a "E-Certification Breakthrough Speed Course" for a limited time in conjunction with the E-Certification 2022#2 (August 2022 exam). The content of the “E-Certification Course for All Mankind”, which has been No. 1 (*1) in the number of successful applicants for three consecutive years, is offered at a tax-included price of “99,000 yen”.

This is a short, intensive course that will prepare you to take the E-Certification 2022#2 exam in approximately 2 months. This course is ideal for those who are already confident in their knowledge of machine learning and deep learning and wish to obtain the E-Certification with maximum efficiency.

Don't miss this opportunity to take AVILEN's "E-Certification Course for All Mankind" at an unbeatable cosmopolitan price!

E-Certification Course Service Page:


AVILEN's "E-Certification Course for All Mankind" is a JDLA-certified program that has had the highest number of successful applicants for three consecutive terms (*1) and has passed a cumulative total of over 1,000 people. Through extensive coding exercises and AVILEN's unique product development exercises, we provide a practical curriculum that enables students to firmly acquire deep learning implementation skills.

To meet the needs of those who wish to complete the JDLA certification program in a short period of time to prepare for E-Certification 2022#2, we will offer the "E-Certification Last Minute Breakthrough Speed Course".

This is a great opportunity to take AVILEN's "E-Certification Course for All Mankind" at an unparalleled cosmopolitan price, so take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for E-Certification 2022#2!

E-Certification Course Service Page

E-Certification last minute breakthrough speed course

Price99,000 yen (price including tax)
Application PeriodApril 1 - April 30, 2022
Course Content and Completion RequirementsSame as the E-Certification course for all mankind.
Support period (completion deadline)June 30, 2022
Textbook Availability PeriodUntil the end of the month one year after the date the course is offered
Course Requirements・The student has sufficient prerequisite knowledge for this course.
・Willingness to fulfill the requirements for completion of this course by June 30, 2022.
Application MethodSelect "Preferred Course Format" for the Last Minute Breakthrough Speed Course

matters that require attention
Cannot be used in conjunction with discount plans or campaigns.
Please request service materials to learn more about the prerequisite knowledge required for this course.
 Click here for information request form
If you fail to complete the course by June 30, 2022, you can apply for an extension support (68,200 yen including tax) to extend the course for 6 months.

◎Strong point
The highest number of successful candidates for three consecutive terms, with an average of 90% of new candidates passing the exam in the first three terms
Lecture videos, coding, and product development by active engineers allow you to fully conquer the E-Certification.
E-Learning format allows students to study at their own pace. 
Support for learning through unlimited chat support and coding corrections.

AVILEN's goal is to create a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. We believe that the widespread use of technology will greatly expand the potential of individuals and lead to the realization of an affluent society.

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