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Signed a capital and business alliance agreement with I-NET Corp. - Full collaboration from AI/DX human resource development to AI-related development


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kotaro Takahashi; hereinafter "AVILEN"), an independent data center provider and DX-focused system development company, has signed a capital and business alliance agreement with  I-NET Corp. (moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market on April 4 this year; headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture; CEO: Mitsuru Sakai; hereinafter "I-NET").

Based on this agreement, we will promote research and development to strengthen I-NET's AI/DX business and unmanned data centers, which is I-NET's core business, through full collaboration with I-NET from AI/DX human resource development to AI-related development.


1.Outline of Capital and Business Alliance

(1)Strengthening I-NET's AI and DX businesses through human resource development utilizing AVILEN's content
(2)Utilize AI in I-NET's data center business, drone business, etc.
(3)Expand services provided by I-NET through cross-selling of AVILEN products

2.Specific Direction of Efforts

(1)Speeding up AI and DX human resource development at I-NET
・Develop advanced and specialized AI/DX human resources in accordance with I-NET's human resource development program
・Conduct AI/DX literacy training for a wide range of employees, including sales staff as well as technical staff

(2)Strengthen AI and DX business
・Collaborate with I-NET's cross-company DX-related members to strengthen project identification and management
・Propose optimal proposals based on client needs for each project by integrating the knowledge of both companies.
・Further improve the performance of I-NET's existing AI/DX products and cross-sell AVILEN services.

(3)Use of data centers in business
・Research and development for unmanned data centers using AI in the data center business, the core business of I-NET since its establishment, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2021.(

(4)Use of AI in drone business, etc.
・Promote the expansion of the drone business and the launch of new data businesses by enhancing AI-based analysis and analysis capabilities for various types of image-centric data stored in the data center via drones and other devices.(

<About Company Profile>

I-NET Corp. 
Location: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Yokohama Building 23F, 3-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Based on our own data center with the highest level of safety in Japan and system operation and management cultivated over many years, we provide one-stop solutions that best meet various customer needs, from system planning and development to operation and monitoring, printing, sealing, and even advanced cloud computing. We are a one-stop provider of solutions that best suit the various needs of our customers.

Location: 9F Akihabara First Square, 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Since its establishment in 2018, AVILEN has provided comprehensive support to more than 360 companies, mainly listed companies, for AI/DX promotion, from AI/DX strategy planning, development and in-house production of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning, to AI/DX human resource development, based on the vision of "cutting-edge technology for all". We provide comprehensive support for AI-driven DX promotion, from strategic planning, development of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning, and their internalization, to training of AI and DX human resources.

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