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Started accepting official applications for the "DS Certification Preparation Course for Understanding All Mankind!


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kotaro Takahashi; hereafter, "AVILEN") will begin offering a course to prepare for the Data Scientist Certification Test™ Literacy Level (abbreviated as DS Test™ ★) organized by the Data Scientists Association of Japan, "DS Certification Preparation Course for Understanding All Mankind".

AVILEN's DS Certification Preparation Course is designed to make it easy for even beginning data science students to learn and pass the DS Certification Test™ ★ in June 2022!

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The official reference book for the DS Certification Examination has been reorganized to make it easy for even first-time data science students to learn. This course is designed to prepare students for the "DS Certification Test™ ★" by carefully explaining the basics, including mathematical knowledge equivalent to high school to university level.

We have created a high-quality course by combining the know-how accumulated through the preparation courses for the "G certification" and "E certification" that AVILEN has already provided.

Click here for more information on the DS Certification Preparation Course

Feature 1: Curriculum designed to be easy for beginning students
The DS Association Skills Checklist has the drawback that it is difficult to learn the skills in their original order. In this course, we have reorganized the curriculum to facilitate efficient learning by rearranging the order appropriately and supplementing the knowledge.

Feature 2: Supervision by an AVILEN data scientist affiliated with the DS Association Skill Definition Committee
The "DS Certification Preparation Course for Understanding All Humans" is supervised by a data scientist who is a member of the DS Association's Skill Definition Committee, from the course content to the questions that it prepares.

Course Overview

Course fee (tax included)42,900 yen
Course FormatE-learning
ContentsOn-demand lectures: about 10 hours in total
Web test: Approx. 300 questions
Lecture materials: Viewed on the e-Learning system
Course Deadlines1 year from the start of the course
Payment MethodCredit Card/Net Banking/ATM/Convenience Store/Bill

AVILEN's goal is to create a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. We believe that the widespread use of technology will greatly expand the potential of individuals and lead to the realization of an affluent society.

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