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An interview article of our CEO Takahashi / Director Okawa and JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuhisa Iida was published in "Forbes JAPAN"

An interview article in which our CEO Takahashi/Director Okawa appeared with JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuhisa Iida on the business media "Forbes JAPAN", "A start-up company in collaboration with the Japan Post Group, customers are suddenly 'all citizens'?" was published.

Publication overview

In the article, the background behind the business collaboration between JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd., which was founded to promote DX of the Japan Post Group, and AVILEN, Inc., a start-up company, and video educational content created jointly (improving DX literacy) ) is talked about.

The outline of the published article is as follows.

  • Introducing AVILEN, Inc. and its CEO Takahashi and Director Ohkawa
  • Impressions when asked about business collaboration with JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. (Japan Post Group)
  • What I wanted to convey with the video educational content and what I kept in mind when creating it
  • Future prospects of both companies

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