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An interview article of our director Ohkawa/executive officer Yokobori and JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuhisa Iida was posted on the "xTECH website (MITSUBISHI ESTATE)"

On the web media "xTECH website" operated by MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD., our director Ohkawa / executive officer Yokobori appeared with JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuhisa Iida in an interview article "DX starting from rebuilding mind and culture. The DX human resource development of 10,000 employees by the Japan Post Group" has been published.

Publication overview

In the article, JP DIGITAL Co., Ltd. and AVILEN, Inc. collaborate to explain the background and methods of the human resource development project “Improving the DX literacy of 10,000 Japan Post Group employees”.

The outline of the published article is as follows.

  • Background of focus on raising the DX literacy level of all Japan Post Group employees
  • What I was aware of when creating the training program / Specific content of the training program
  • Intention to create a training program in collaboration with the start-up company AVILEN
  • Future prospects for DX human resource development at the Japan Post Group

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