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Started offering DX training for new employees / prospective employees! Basic DX/AI literacy through e-learning and live lectures


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) will release a training package “DX training for new employees / prospective employees” that can be used for corporate new employee training.

This training is a training package that carefully selects the basic DX/AI literacy that new graduates and prospective employees should acquire from AVILEN's DX/AI human resource development content.
In 2022, after the performance and verification at several companies, we have decided to officially release it as a package.

Please consider it as a training for prospective employees and new employees who are scheduled to join the company in April 2023.

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Service concept

AVILEN has supported more than 470 customers in total with DX/AI solutions centered on digital organization development and AI technology implementation.

The "DX training for new employees / prospective employees" to be released this time targets new employees.

By learning basic literacy related to DX/AI before being assigned to a department,

  • Enough study time can be secured without worrying about daily work
  • You can learn from a flat perspective without being bound by the industry, your company's services, or the work flow.
  • After assignment, you will be able to discover DX issues based on the literacy you learned

benefits can be expected.

By combining AVILEN's "DX training for new employees / prospective employees" with conventional new employee training centered on business skills, we will support the development of new employees with the basic skills to discover DX issues.

Training content

"DX training for new employees / prospective employees" is a training package that allows you to learn the literacy of DX, AI, data science, etc. that you should acquire as a business person in the DX era.
The training content is divided into 5 categories, and you can select and attend the fields you want your new employees to acquire.
Based on the customer's needs, we will flexibly customize and provide it based on AVILEN's learning content.

The training format consists of 3 steps: ① pre-learning through e-learning → ② live lectures → ③ confirmation test.

Consultation / Estimate

Please feel free to contact us using the form below if you have any questions about our services or prices.

Inquiries about this service

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