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G-Certificate Preparation Course + Instructor Training for Junshin Gakuen University Faculty

Lectures on Effective Use of AI in Medicine and Business - Participating Faculty Members Pass the G-Certificate (2020#1)!

(AVILEN), a group of AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialists, recently provided training for professors and lecturers at Junshin Gakuen University (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), explaining the effective use of AI in medicine and business, as well as key points when teaching undergraduate and research students.

This training course was designed for faculty members who teach "Artificial Intelligence" at undergraduate and graduate schools (master's course) of Junshin Gakuen University, and is a preparation course for the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) G certification, which recognizes generalists as people who can apply basic knowledge of deep learning, which supports AI, to business. In addition, we also gave lectures on appropriate teaching points for undergraduate and research students.

In-depth explanation of AI from its history to application examples

The training included a variety of teaching methods that are easy for undergraduate and research students to understand, including an in-depth explanation of how to prepare for the G-Certificate, a history of AI, definitions of AI by various experts, neural networks, deep learning, types of machine learning, natural language processing and image processing, and examples of AI applications. Lectures were given.

Junshin Gakuen University starts lectures on "Artificial Intelligence" - April, 2008

As AI and machine learning are attracting increasing attention not only from the AI industry but also from various fields, Junshin Gakuen University, which has four medical departments (Nursing, Radiological Technology, Laboratory Science, and Medical Engineering) and a graduate school of health sciences, is actively working to develop human resources capable of effectively utilizing AI in medicine. In addition to encouraging undergraduate and research students to obtain the G-Certificate, in April 2020, lectures on "Artificial Intelligence" (on a selective basis) have been started for the four medical departments.

One of the teachers who took the training passed the G-Certification (2020#1)!

One of the teachers who took the AVILEN G-Certification + Teacher Training said, "I learned a lot from the easy-to-understand tips and tricks you gave me to prepare for the G-Certification. We hope that you will continue to support our students and help them pass the G-Certificate in the future.

The number of students who passed the G-Certification (2020#1) in March 2020 reached 4,198, including the same faculty member at Junshin Gakuen University. We were able to pass the exam through this training and repeated study of the AVILEN e-learning program," said the teacher.

JDLA is a general foundation that promotes the industrial use of deep learning technology, and along with the G certification test, conducts the E-qualification test, which certifies individuals (engineers) who can implement deep learning using appropriate methods.

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