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AVILEN partners with PERSOL CAREER, operator of the "doda" job search service.

Providing consistent support from AI skill acquisition to career advancement

AVILEN Corporation (President: I-Ming Choi), an AI development and human resource development company, has entered into a business alliance with Personnel service provider Persol Career Corporation (President: Taro Mineo, hereinafter referred to as "Persol Career"), which operates the "doda" career change service.

Personsol Career will provide support for career change for participants who have acquired AI skills through AVILEN's "E-qualification courses," which boasts an E-qualification pass rate of 94%, and other courses. We will provide strong support for their career development.

Background of the Alliance

With the recent rapid development of information technology, there is a growing shortage of AI personnel. According to Cabinet Office data (,

"By 2020, there will be a shortage of 50,000 advanced IT personnel and a shortage of 300,000 general IT personnel.

It is predicted that the employment of AI personnel will continue to be difficult in the future.

On the other hand, there are also many people who want to pursue a career in AI.

"I don't know what kind of knowledge and skills are required and at what level.

"It is difficult to find a job that meets my requirements for AI personnel.

We have received a great number of comments from those who are interested in AI careers about their concerns and worries about the current situation.

Against this backdrop, AVILEN, which aims to create "a society where more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology," asked PERSOL CAREER to join its alliance so that personnel who have acquired practical AI skills through its business can work in more desirable places.

As demonstrated by its track record in operating the job search service "doda," PERSOL CAREER has top-class know-how in the field of job placement, and is a reassuring partner for the spread of AI human resources. We will utilize the strengths of both companies in order to realize our vision.

Initiatives of each company

<AVILEN Corporation: >

As an "AI specialist group," AVILEN is developing its business mainly in the development of AI technologies such as image recognition and natural language processing. We provide one-stop, flexible AI solutions from implementation to development and in-house production.

(Technology development business:

In addition, the company has been applying the know-how on AI gained through its efforts to its human resource development business, offering various courses such as the "E-qualification Course for All Human Beings" accredited by the Japan Deep Learning Association.

This course, in particular, boasts a 94% pass rate for the E-qualification, which certifies the knowledge and skills of AI engineers, demonstrating that participants can acquire advanced AI skills.

(E-qualification courses: )

<Personal Career Corporation: >

With the mission of "empowering people to make work their own," PERSOL CAREER provides services such as job placement, recruitment advertising, and new graduate recruiting support, including the "doda" career change service and the "iX" career strategy platform for high-level human resources. In July 2017, the company name was changed from Intelligence, Ltd. to PERSOL CAREER Co. We are committed to creating more value for society by focusing on individual "work" than ever before, and we aim to realize a society where all "work" leads to smiles by facing social issues head-on.

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