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AVILEN achieves 『93.6%』 pass rate for E-qualifications. 382 students passed, exceeding 90% for the second consecutive term.


The " E-Certification" exam, which tests the ability to implement AI and deep learning, was held on February 19 and 20, and AVILEN's E-Certification course participants achieved a 『93.6%』 pass rate!

This is 20 percentage points higher than the average pass rate of other companies (excluding AVILEN), which is 73.6%.

Furthermore, AVILEN accounted for 382 (approximately 29%) of the total 1,324 successful applicants this year!

As an accredited program of the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), this course has achieved a pass rate of over 90% for two consecutive terms, proving the high quality of the course.

E-Certification Course Details:


Examinees and Pass Rates to Date

AVILEN has maintained the highest pass rate for three consecutive terms since we began as an e-qualification provider in 2019#2.
For the 2020#1 exam, we have achieved even greater success than before with a 93.6% pass rate and 382 successful candidates.

Held times

Total number of examinees

Total number of successful applicants

Other companies
Pass Rate Average

Number of examinees

Number of successful applicants

Success rate






















2021#1 Testimonials from successful applicants for E-qualifications (excerpts)

"I feel very happy that I chose AVILEN because of their extensive range of development exercises and exam preparation questions.If I had the opportunity to recommend AVILEN to someone, I would."

"I can watch the videos anytime I want, completely online.It was very good to be able to watch them as many times as I wanted. The response time to my questions was excellent, even on weekends."

"I was able to complete the course even though I had almost no knowledge of the subject because I took the course together with the basic course. Also, the lecture videos were divided into small segments, so I was able to work through them little by little in my spare time between jobs."

"The content of the lecture was easy to understand and the exercises helped me to deepen my knowledge. The course was very comprehensive, and I think that I passed the exam very well.In this sense, the comprehensiveness of the exam was very high, and I think that is why the pass rate was so high.

I think the structure is also good, with the community of examinees sharing questions with each other and gaining in-depth knowledge through this."

"The lectures were easy to understand, and the support I received for questions and assignment submissions made learning very easy. The online course format was also very effective in balancing my work."

"I am very satisfied with the program itself. I would highly recommend it for the quality of the lecture videos and materials, and for the practice questions."

"I think this is a course where you can feel the enthusiasm of the lecturers, as well as the well-organized teaching materials, the instructors' easy-to-understand explanations, and the instructors' enthusiasm."

"I was able to pass the course even from a beginner level. The content was very rich, and I was able to advance my understanding by reviewing the teaching material videos many times. The Python code submission assignment was also good."

What is the E-Certification Course for All Mankind?

AVILEN has achieved a 100% PoC success rate in AI development projects. The data scientists at AVILEN have created this E-Certification course from scratch with passion.

  • Ultra-practical educational materials and lecture videos created by data scientists active on the front lines
  • Coding and product development assignments to develop true implementation skills
  • Full support system, including unlimited chat support
  • Optimized design for online learning, so you can take courses from anywhere, anytime, even on your smartphone.

The quality of our courses is among the highest in the industry, as evidenced by our highest pass rate to date of "94.4%".
If you are considering taking the E-Certification exam, please consider taking this course!
We also offer an optional set of basic courses in mathematics, Python, and other subjects so that even beginners can aim to pass the exam.

E-Certification Course Special Page:

Future Outlook

AVILEN will continue to make daily improvements as well as updates to keep up with the latest trends in order to deliver the highest course quality.
Please look forward to the further evolution of the "E-Certification Course for All Mankind" in the future!

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