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【Ideal after E-Certification】Deep learning domain-specific courses (time series, image, language) now available to the general public


AVILEN has begun accepting web-based applications for the "Deep Learning (DL) Domain Specialized Course," which has been offered as a corporate group training program(※), for one person, including the general public.

This course is ideal for those who wish to learn highly specialized AI development methods, specializing in the areas of time series, image, and linguistic data.Through coding assignments that simulate real-world cases, students will acquire DL implementation skills at a practical level.

It is also highly recommended to take this course after obtaining the "E-Certification," which was recently announced! Please consider taking this course if you are wondering what your next step should be.

▶ Detail page:
※There are some differences between group and non-group offerings, such as the availability of discussion meetings.


What is a Deep Learning Domain Specific Course?

Although we have seen relatively few courses that allow theoretical and systematic study of DL, such as the E-Certification, there are still very few that deal with practical and specialized content.

"I've got the basics with my e-certification, but I don't know what to learn next ......"
I want to learn specialized analysis in a particular field, such as image data, linguistic data, etc.!
AVILEN's "Domain Specific Courses" respond to such needs. This course is specialized in data areas (time series, images, language, etc.) that are often handled in practice, and allows you to acquire DL implementation skills at a practical level!

Free Information Session (Webinar)

On the occasion of the open house, we will hold a free online (on Zoom) "Information Session on Area Specific Courses Recommended after E-Certification" on Wednesday, March 24, from 7:30 p.m.
Please join us for this free online session (on Zoom) from 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 24!

▶Registration Form:
※Please register as soon as possible as the maximum number of participants is 30.

Course Features and Curriculum

This course is offered in an e-learning format that allows students to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere.
In addition to easy-to-understand lectures by active engineers, the curriculum also includes "coding assignments" in the form of stories based on actual cases requested in AI development work.
Students not only follow the instructions, but also think about finding issues from data and selecting algorithms on their own, so they can acquire solid application skills.

※In addition to the above, all courses include an "Introduction to Pytorch"

Of course, we also provide excellent learning support! Coding assignments are corrected and returned by instructors, and 24-hour chat support is available to answer questions.
▶Detail page:
Below is an overview of each course.

Time Series Data Specialized Course

 Image Data Specialized Course

Language Data Specialization Course

Application Form

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