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【For an introduction to the G-Certificate】Introductory course on "How to measure the accuracy of AI and machine learning" that all business people should know is available on Udemy.


An introductory course on "Fundamentals of Machine Learning and How to Measure AI Accuracy" that all business people involved in AI and DX promotion absolutely need to know is now available on Udemy. The content of this course also corresponds to part of the scope of the JDLA "G-Certificate" exam.
The course will be taught by Masaya Watanabe, representing the AVILEN Data Scientist Team, which has successfully completed numerous AI projects and achieved a 100% PoC success rate.
Please access the beginning of the course for free!
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Course Outline

In practice, problems such as "AI/machine learning is not as accurate as expected" or "I don't know how much I should pursue the accuracy of the AI I have developed" occur more frequently than expected and tend to be the cause of project setbacks. Furthermore, when development is outsourced to an external vendor, this problem must be solved by the person in charge on the business side.
In this course, we will thoroughly explain how to evaluate accuracy, or "evaluation indicators," so that you can deal with this problem. The course is designed with many concrete examples to help students visualize the practical application of this method.

Recommended target audience

・Those who are considering taking the G-Certificate
・Those who are involved in or plan to be involved in the implementation of AI in their business
・Those who want to learn about the fundamentals of AI and machine learning and how to evaluate its accuracy.

※The course is designed for those who are not confident in their knowledge of mathematics and programming.

Lecturer Profile

Masaya Watanabe (Data Scientist, AVILEN, Inc.)

He graduated from the Department of Management Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science. He has lectured in a wide range of AI fields, written G-Certificate question papers, and developed AI projects such as image recognition and time series forecasting. During his university years, he dealt with economic finance data and has received many awards, including a competition report award sponsored by Bloomberg.


① Course outline, how to proceed with learning, significance of learning evaluation indicators
② Basic overview of AI, difference from conventional rule-based
③ Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning
④ Prerequisite knowledge for correct evaluation of AI (generalization performance, how to deal with poor validation results, cross-validation)
⑤ Evaluation metrics for regression problems
⑥ Evaluation metrics for classification problems
⑦ Applied tasks and evaluation metrics (recommendation, image processing, natural language processing)

Please take a look at the beginning of the course for free!

For those who are serious about pursuing G certification

The G-Certificate, accredited by the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), is the only certification that certifies basic knowledge and ability to utilize AI and deep learning.

AVILEN offers G-Certification preparation courses, which are not only designed in accordance with the latest trends of the examinations, but also include a pass guarantee system. The course is very effective in preparing students for the exam. Please consider taking this course if you are aiming to pass the G-Certificate.

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