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AVILEN, with a 94.4% pass rate for E-Certifications, is now offering a trial course on Udemy! Top quality online. AVILEN, Inc.


AVILEN, Inc. has released a Deep Learning Experience Course 【5400 yen (tax included)】 on Udemy. The course corresponds to the introductory version of the E-Certification course, which has achieved a 94.4% pass rate, and is taught by Takefumi Yoshikawa, Lead Engineer of the Data Scientist Team, who has successfully completed 100% of the PoC of AI projects.

Click here to view the trial course now available on Udemy.


The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) operates the E-Certification, which aims to develop AI engineers who have the skills to implement deep learning and apply it to their businesses.

The E-Certification is gaining attention as a target for AI human resource development at many leading companies, and the number of examinees is increasing every year.
AVILEN offers E-Certification preparation courses, and the E-Certification pass rate for our graduates is 94.4% (average 65.5% for other companies).
The course released on Udemy is a hands-on deep learning course for those who have mastered basic Python syntax and numpy knowledge. This course is also very effective in preparing for the E-Certification.

Course Overview

This is an introductory course to PyTorch for students who are concerned about the implementation of deep learning and its practical use, and who are unable to visualize how to implement it.
Takefumi Yoshikawa, our data scientist who has successfully completed numerous AI projects, will serve as the instructor.

Lecturer Profile

Takefumi Yoshikawa

Executive Officer, Data Scientist, AVILEN, Inc.
He is involved in actual projects using deep learning and teaches courses on data analysis and deep learning in general.Graduated from the University of Tokyo. He majored in bioinformatics as an undergraduate. He is well versed in the analysis of big data obtained from living organisms, simulation of theories in biology, and modeling. His awards include the highest score in the second class of science at the University of Tokyo, the gold medal and first place in the finals of the Japan Biology Olympiad, and the iGEM gold medal in the world competition of synthetic biology.

Course Curriculum 

A total of six parts will explain how to implement deep learning.
① Course outline and how to learn
② Introduction to deep learning, why PyTorch is the best machine learning library
③ How to handle Tensor, use of GPU, and frequent functions
④ Multilayer perceptron and deep learning mechanism
⑤ Model implementation and training
⑥ Various features of PyTorch, activation functions

Click here to view the trial course now available on Udemy.

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