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【Thorough coverage of the latest trends】A collection of questions written by AVILEN to prepare for the "G-Certification" will be released on September 26, 2012! It will lead you to pass the G-Certificate.


AVILEN authored "The Shortest Way Through: Deep Learning G Certificate Question Book (edition by Gijutsu-Hyoron Co., Ltd.)" will be released on Saturday, September 26, 2012. The price is 2,618 yen including tax.

The G-Certification test has become a hot topic since the last test, as the "trend has changed". This book was completed by analyzing the latest trends and attempting to create a collection of questions that will ensure that readers can pass the exam.

It is written by AVILEN instructors who boast a "94.4% pass rate" for E-Certification. The book also covers the latest trends, including "deep reinforcement learning" and "EfficientNet. In addition, the book provides more than 170 pages of detailed explanations and is designed to be easy to understand.

The next G-Certification will be held in November. If you are planning to take the test, please take advantage of this opportunity!

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The “G-Certification” certified by the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) is the only qualification that proves the basic knowledge and utilization of AI and deep learning. In the previous exam in July, more than 12,000 people took the exam, which is more than double the number before the last exam.
On the other hand, there were many voices of confusion on SNS, such as "The difficulty level has increased considerably" and "The content has changed greatly from what I learned in existing reference books and problem collections."

Based on this background, we have analyzed the latest trends in the G certification exam and completed the "The Shortest Way Through: Deep Learning G Certificate Question Book" in an attempt to create a question book that will enable readers to pass the exam with certainty.

The book was written by AVILEN instructors, who have solved numerous corporate problems through the development and introduction of AI technology, and who boast an overwhelming 94.4% pass rate in the " E-Certification" exam. The book covers a wide range of areas that are not covered in existing reference books and question collections, and is designed to be easy to understand even for beginners, with a substantial volume of explanations and questions.

With the next G-Certification coming up in November, we encourage you to use this book to get through it in the shortest possible time! 

Features of this book 

Catch up with the latest well-known models such as "EfficientNet!
◎ Includes problems and explanations of "deep reinforcement learning," which are rare in existing books.
More than 170 pages of explanations alone!
◎ "Glossary" with important keywords is included in each chapter. Ideal for reviewing before the exam
◎ Many figures, tables, and images are included for easy visual comprehension! etc.

Careful explanation from basic knowledge

The abundance of charts and graphs makes it easy to understand!

▲The glossary is also ideal for a comprehensive review before the exam.

Representative Authors

Kotaro Takahashi: Director, AVILEN, Inc. / JDLA Industry Promotion Committee Member

He received his M.S. degree from the University of Tokyo for his research on instantaneous tsunami height prediction during earthquakes using Gaussian process regression. He has extensive experience in analyzing natural language and image data and developing models, and has promoted business adaptation of artificial intelligence, mainly in the financial, manufacturing, and other industries, consulting and developing various projects.

Tatsuya Ochiai: Data Scientist, AVILEN, Inc. / JDLA Human Resource Development Committee Member

He supervises AVILEN's seminars on statistics, machine learning, time series analysis, etc. to educate AI personnel. He has also been involved in many AI development projects in the financial sector and has developed many models. He holds a Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics from the Tokyo University of Science and is Certified in E-Certification (2020#1). He worked for SoftBank Corp. before assuming his current position.

※Contents at time of writing (September 2020)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Chapter 2: Changes and Problems of Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 3: Specific Methods of Machine Learning
Chapter 4: Overview of Deep Learning
Chapter 5: Deep Learning Methods
Chapter 6 Toward Applications of AI Technology (1)
Chapter 7: Toward Application of AI Technology (2)

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