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Our COO Matsukura participated in a trilogy and spoke at IVS, one of the largest startup conferences in Asia.

IVS, one of Asia's largest conferences for startup executives and investors, was held in Kyoto City for three days from June 28 to 30, and our COO Matsukura participated in the trilogy and spoke at the conference.

Outline of the trilogy

In conjunction with the IVS Kyoto, Toshiaki Matsukura, who serves as an advisor to Kyoto City for promoting growth strategies, held a trilogy discussion with IVS Representative Toshiaki Shimakawa and Shoei Iriyama, an advisor to Kyoto City for urban management strategies, on the significance of holding IVS in Kyoto and the potential of Kyoto as a place to create innovation.

The following is a summary of the discussion.

  • Introduction of IVS and the aim of holding the event in Kyoto "to make Kyoto, which is open to the world, a place where investors and entrepreneurs from Japan and abroad can connect.
  • Kyoto's potential in promoting Web3 and DX: "Kyoto, with its abundance of intellectual property, is the city with the most assets in the world.
  • Japan's potential in utilizing Web3: "Japan has the potential to lead the world in Web3".
  • Aspirations for holding the IVS KYOTO "Aspirations and expectations for the IVS KYOTO".

The full contents of the trilogy can be viewed on "Kigyou Log," one of the largest entrepreneur support media in Japan.

What IVS is aiming for beyond Kyoto" "We want to create a startup platform in Kyoto that is open to the world.

Conference Outline

▲Flyer generated by AI

In addition, a conference on the theme of "web3 National Strategy: Present and Future" (speakers: Mr. Shiozaki, a member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Kawai, Mr. Tonomura, and Dr. Masuda, lawyers) was held at IVS2023, in which Matsukura served as a moderator.

The discussion included a behind-the-scenes look at the "web3 National Strategy 'web3 White Paper'" prepared by the web3 PT of the LDP's Digital Society Promotion Headquarters, in which Matsukura participated as a working group member, as well as corporate strategies and institutional arrangements for the coming mass adoption of web3. The discussion included a behind-the-scenes look at the web3 National Strategy "web3 Whitepaper.

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