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Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Otsuka Shokai - Collaboration in all areas related to the promotion of AI solutions

Since its establishment in 2018, AVILEN has been developing and implementing AI software using our proprietary technology core module AVILEN AI, including generative AI, and providing AI-driven build-up packages based on our vision of "CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL".

AVILEN has already begun to expand into the generative AI business, releasing "ChatGPT business training" and "ChatMee", an automated FAQ SaaS product based on a client's document DB.

Otsuka Shokai launched an AI-based sales activity support system in 2017, and has been actively engaged in in-house human resource development related to AI.
In-house training utilizes AVILEN's build-up package, and as of May 2023, 726 employees hold "JDLA Deep Learning for GENERAL" and "JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER" from the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA).

Through this capital and business alliance, AVILEN and Otsuka Shokai will hold regular collaboration strategy meetings based on mid- to long-term strategies, and the technical teams of both companies will work together to think about the future of work based on generative AI.
As a first step, AVILEN and Otsuka Shokai will jointly develop a build-up package that includes the field of generative AI to be offered to Otsuka Shokai's customers.

AVILEN will expand business synergy with Otsuka Shokai and actively develop and provide AI-related solutions to help promote DX among small and midsize companies. In addition, AVILEN will further promote the "democratization of AI" by supporting AI utilization and AI human resource development in enterprises as part of its mid- to long-term business enhancement efforts aimed at creating a society in which AI is mainly used by people who can master it.

【Investment Summary】
Investment-type transaction method:Payment of transfer price in connection with stock transfer Capital and business alliance through transfer of existing shares
Investment acquisition amount:1,900,038,000 yen
Date of investment acquisition:June 2023

<Comments from both companies on the alliance>

Hiroki Yamaguchi, Executive Officer, Otsuka Corp.
 Through this capital and business alliance, Otsuka Shokai will provide the following value to our customers.
 First of all, we will expand our human resource development support services to help our customers master AI and deliver AI applications suitable for their business.In addition, based on our medium- to long-term business strategy, we will provide strong support for our customers' DX promotion by actively developing and providing AI solutions, leveraging our expertise in generative AI and data science.
 In this way, Otsuka Shokai will support the success of our customers' businesses by providing AI human resource development and AI solutions tailored to customer needs.
 Personally, I am very pleased to enter into a capital and business alliance with AVILEN, which has been a great help to me in learning JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER.

Kotaro Takahashi, Representative Director, AVILEN, Inc.
 AVILEN has been providing AI solutions such as AI software development, implementation and build-up packages to enrich Japan with technology.
 We recognize Otsuka Shokai as a company with an extremely high level of DX and a deep understanding of technology, as evidenced by its systematization sales digitization of sales activity support through AI, and its sales staff obtaining advanced AI engineer and JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER. We are convinced that they are the best partner in our efforts to bring the latest technologies to a wider audience in the future.
 Through this capital and business alliance, we will deepen our cooperation and further accelerate our activities to deliver software and build-up packages that utilize AI, such as generative models, to a wider range of people and companies.

◆About AVILEN, Inc.
Location:Akihabara First Square 9F, 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business:Since its inception in 2018, AVILEN has been providing AI software development, implementation, and AI-driven build-up packages to more than 530 companies using AVILEN AI, our proprietary technology core module, including generative AI, etc., under our vision of ”CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL”.

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