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NTT DATA and AVILEN signed "DX Marketplace Partner Agreement! - Started selling "AI Business Planning Course".


On the "DX Marketplace", a sales site for RPA solution-related services, etc. operated by NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as NTT DATA), AVILEN, Inc. "AI Business Planning Course" is now on sale.

This course is provided completely online based on the concept of “cultivating DX promotion human resources with AI literacy from zero prerequisite knowledge”. In the group plan for 5 or more people, the output is substantial, such as planning work assignments that are conscious of practical work and discussion meetings where you can receive feedback from the instructor.

AVILEN boasts a "PoC success rate of 100%" in AI development. Please try to touch the AI introduction know-how!

Sales page:
Now offering trial plans at a limited price!


What is DX Marketplace?

"COBOTPIA(" is NTT DATA's brand for realizing a future in which robots and people work together. As part of this initiative, the "DX Marketplace" is a website that sells RPA solution-related services, software, etc. that are optimal for DX promotion.
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AI Business Planning Course Overview

With the spread of work style reforms, many companies are promoting DX (Digital Transformation). On the other hand, many companies have voiced concerns such as "we don't have the human resources to promote DX and introduce AI," and "we don't know where to start.
In response to such needs, this course provides a practical curriculum that enables even those with no knowledge at all to acquire basic AI literacy and plan AI implementation.

※Discussion availability depends on the plan

Case Studies

A total of 140 employees of Marubeni Corporation took the AI Business Course, the predecessor of this course. In a survey, the course achieved a 93% satisfaction rate, and the person in charge of the course commented, "It has definitely helped raise the (AI literacy) level of the entire company, for which we are very grateful."

Reference Press Release:

Sales page (DX Marketplace)

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