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【The lowest price in the industry with an 88% pass rate] Certification that certifies AI engineers | The pass rate for the E-Certification Preparation Course is now available!


E-qualification Preparation Course Special Website:

■Overview of the Course

AVILEN's E-qualification preparatory course aims not only to acquire E-qualification but also to become a person who can promote AI implementation and development in business. 6 weeks of efficient learning enables students to acquire skills and qualifications. We also offer one of the largest basic courses in the industry so that even beginners can aim for certification.

■Pass/Fail Results of the Third E-Qualification Examination

The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), which administers the E-Certification, has announced the pass/fail rates for the E-Certification examination held on August 31, 2012. While the overall pass rate for examinees was 67.61%, the pass rate for our participants was 88.6%.

Comments from students who have taken the course

I passed the exam. Of course I am happy to have passed the exam, but it was a very valuable experience to be taught by such excellent people as the AVILEN staff. Thank you very much." (Comment from Mr. Wakabayashi, July term)

Thank you very much for helping me pass the E-Certification. I had a hard time with the completion exam for reinforcement learning and generative models, but I received a lot of help from you on slack. Next, I will try to pass the level 1 statistics test, although it seems to be difficult. Thank you very much. (Comment from Mr. Ozako, June term)"

"I chose AVILEN because I thought it was more cost-effective than other companies and easier for me, as a student, to take the course. I chose AVILEN because I thought it was more cost-effective than other companies and easier for me as a student to take the course. Even if I did not have confidence in my basic skills, the support from the instructors was very generous, so I was able to tackle the course with confidence. I don't think there is any other environment that provides such a fulfilling environment for E-qualification! (Comment from Mr. Deguchi, June term)

I was able to pass the exam. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to pass the exam. I will continue my studies and hope to be able to call myself a DeepLearning engineer with confidence. (Comment received from Mr. Kawabata, July term)

"Deep Learning History: I started studying when I took the G certification exam in March 2019. Since I was also interested in implementation, I aimed to obtain the E certification. Reason for selection: I chose AVILEN's online course because I was busy with my daily work and it was difficult to take a lot of time, so I chose AVILEN's online course because it seemed easy to take the course. Good points: (1) The management's footwork was light. They responded promptly to our requests to replay the lecture videos and incomplete materials. (2) The fact that there were about 3 patterns of mock exams. (Comment from Mr. Takatsuke, June term)

I also passed the exam successfully. On the day of the exam, I was allocating the time incorrectly and solving the exam without time to relax, so I honestly thought I would not make it this time, but I managed. I think I still need to study more, so I would like to continue working on it. I think there are still very few people who have experienced the exam, so I hope I can be of some help to you as someone who has. Thank you very much." (Comment from Mr. Higa, July term)

Thanks to your help, I passed the exam. I probably asked the most number of questions among the participants, and although some of the questions were of low level, they were answered one by one in detail, which is the main reason for the generous support of the teachers.

I feel that the textbooks and exercises were very comprehensive in content/structure. I will not be satisfied with this and will continue to devote myself to it. Thank you very much." (Comment received from Mr. Ashihara, June term)

Update for the next E-qualification exam in February 2020

In order to maintain a high pass rate and produce more AI engineers in the future, AVILEN will further strengthen the following support systems

Gain experience in AI product development

In this course, each student is given a "product development assignment" in which he/she builds a model on the assumption that he/she will be working in the real world. The lecturers and mentors will manage the progress of the students and help them gain practical experience.

Expansion and update of learning contents

We will continue to expand and update our basic courses to supplement the peripheral knowledge necessary for a deep understanding of deep learning theory. In addition, we will further improve the quality of the exercises and practice test questions to make the content even more conducive to producing successful candidates.

Reinforcement of progress management system

Before starting lectures, we interview all students and propose a study plan suited to each student. We will make further efforts to ensure smooth learning by immediately responding to questions in the chat room when there is something that is not understood.

< About E-Certification Preparation Courses >

In order to take the E-Certification exam, you must take a course at a JDLA-accredited school like ours. AVILEN has been and will continue to offer E-Certification courses at the lowest prices in the industry, so if you want to become an engineer who understands and can implement deep learning in 6 weeks, please come to us. If you want to become an engineer who understands and can implement deep learning in 6 weeks, please come and see us.

( Special page for E-qualification preparation course: )

< About AVILEN >

AVILEN is a group of AI specialists that provides comprehensive support for corporate AI businesses through the training of AI personnel and the development of AI technologies. We provide various AI solution services. ( AVILEN official HP )

  • E-learning to train AI engineers in 2 months
  • Project-based OJT training using our own data
  • Image processing AI" that supports and replaces tasks that require the human eye and promotes automation.
  • Natural language processing AI" that supports human work by analyzing and understanding documents.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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