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Full refund for those who fail the G-Certificate Preparation Course! | G-Certificate Preparation Course


What is the G-Certificate?

The G-Certificate is a certification test for AI generalists who have the basic knowledge of deep learning and the ability to determine an appropriate utilization policy and apply it to their business. This AI certification has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years. Since no prerequisite knowledge is required, the exam can be taken by anyone. The next G certification exam will be held on November 9.

The G-Cert exam will be held on November 9, 2012, and it will take only 8 hours to complete!

AVILEN, Inc. will start holding G-Certification preparation seminars this fall at the lowest price in the industry (19,000 yen). Through online lectures by our highly experienced AI consultants and test questions (320 questions) in a format similar to the real thing, you can acquire basic knowledge of AI in as little as 8 hours in no time.

In the event that a student who has purchased our G-Certificate preparation course fails the G-Certificate main exam, we will refund the tuition paid to us in full as an apology. We are offering a "full refund" program to ensure that those who are planning to study AI will not lose out.

Why did you adopt this challenging system?

We, AVILEN, are working on AI human resource development with the mission of "making difficult things easy to understand. However, no matter how easy it is to understand, we don't like it if the fee is too high. AI is a hot field, and it costs nearly 70,000-100,000 yen to take a G-Certificate preparation course at a school. We want more people to learn AI in the future, and AVILEN will continue to try new challenges to create such a trend in the world. This full refund system is one of the measures that embody this desire." (Director and CXO, Koki Takahashi)

Message from the lecturer

I believe that the time will come when all human beings will have basic knowledge of AI. This course is an introductory course for beginners, incorporating all the knowledge I have gained through my own AI projects. In addition, all the test exercises have been carefully examined so that you can pass the G certification test in a short period of time. If you attend our course and fail the exam, we will responsibly refund your tuition in full. If in doubt, please give it a shot!" (Kotaro Takahashi, Director and AI Consultant)

About AVILEN's AI Generalist Training Course

As a leading company in AI human resource development, we have established a preparatory course to dramatically increase the pass rate of the G-Certificate. We opened a special page in August and started accepting applications for the course. The AVILEN staff invites you to join us in the fascinating world of AI.

The special page is here:

Outline of AI Generalist Training Course

Course TitleAI Generalist Training Course for the G-Certificate
After taking the courseKnowledge of deep learning fundamentals and the ability to drive business with appropriate utilization policies
target groupThose who are new to AI and those who want to use AI in their business, such as marketing professionals and executives.
Course Fees19,000 yen (tax included)
There is a full refund system for unsuccessful applicants.
Fee includesE-learning content
Part1 Acquire basic AI concepts (6 hours)
Part2 Peripheral knowledge required for business applications (2 hours)
・Preparation for the G-Certification Exercises (320 questions)
Availability periodindefinite
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