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【New Syllabus Support】G-Certification Preparation Course updated!


On April 15, the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) announced that the new syllabus will be applied from the July examination of the "G-Certificate". In order to respond quickly to this change, AVILEN Corporation is updating its "G-Certificate Preparation Course for All Mankind".

In addition to adding content in areas that correspond to the new syllabus (e.g., artificial intelligence and society/ethics), existing areas such as reinforcement learning and the latest models have also been greatly expanded in consideration of the latest trends.

This course, which covers the fundamentals of AI, is ideal for those who want to learn AI from scratch and obtain certification, and we hope you will take advantage of it to pass the July exam!


What is the G-Certificate Preparation Course for All Mankind?

This is a course designed by AVILEN's team of data scientists to prepare students for the G-Certificate, a test of basic knowledge and application skills in AI and deep learning.

The "Micro-Learning" system allows students to study efficiently at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, with content specifically designed for online learning. We also offer a reliable pass guarantee system (※).

※Various conditions must be met to use the program.

The syllabus, effective from the July exam, has been enhanced with more business aspects to meet the needs of the increasingly DX-oriented market. Practical content has been added, including AI project planning, data collection, and legal/contractual matters that are important for planning and promoting the use of "Data x AI.

(Reference)JDLA page:

Update details (excerpt)

  • Fundamentals of mathematics: added Bayes' theorem, information capacity, KL divergence, etc.
  • Machine learning methods: State space models, methods for unbalanced data, SMOTE, etc. added.
  • Natural language processing: Added items on collation analysis, discourse structure analysis, parsing, and more.
  • Speech processing: Added detailed explanation of WaveNet.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Added detailed explanations of the Bellman equation, value iteration, policy iteration, and DQN innovations.

※Updates have already been applied to existing courses

Comments from participants (excerpts)

Mr. A. "The video explanations were very easy to understand and helped me to understand. It was very helpful because I could study at my own pace and at my own time."

Mr. B: "I don't think I would have passed the exam without this course. Some of the questions are the same as in the real test, and they were very useful."

Mr. C. "Thanks to you, I passed the course. I don't need any other textbooks after two rounds of the course's videos and problem sets(※)."

※AVILEN supervised "The Shortest Way Through Deep Learning G Certificate Questions" (Gijutsu-Hyoron Co., Ltd.)

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