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AVILEN's "No. 1 Passer" E-Certification course now includes a new set of exam-assuming questions! - Thoroughly prepare for the E-Certification!


AVILEN's "No. 1 in the number of successful applicants and 93% pass rate" E-Certification course has added a new set of E-Certification Assumption Questions following its recent major renewal. The scope of this question set covers not only "deep learning" but also "mathematics," "machine learning," and "development and operational environments".

In addition, over 160 pages of explanatory material are distributed free of charge. The explanatory material is ideal for efficient review of questions on which you made mistakes, as it carefully explains the rationale and flow leading up to the answers.

We hope that you will use this material to organize and strengthen your knowledge in order to pass the exam.



Because past exam questions for the E-Certification are not made public, it is difficult to imagine the format of the exam questions, making it difficult to prepare for the exam. AVILEN has released the "E-Certification Assumption Questions" to help resolve this concern.

All 75 questions are created from scratch by instructors who know everything about E-Certification. We will guide students to pass with questions and polite explanations that suppress the latest trends in questions assuming the main exam.

Let's go to the actual test in perfect condition by repeating the practice questions over and over again!

Table of Contents of Assumed Questions (excerpts) 

・Singular value decomposition
・Maximum Likelihood Estimation
・Evaluation Index
・Theory and implementation of optimization methods
・Reparametorization Trick
・Properties of Conditional GAN
・Model Compression and Model Parallelism


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