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AI training for 140 employees of Marubeni Corporation

A total of 140 participants attended the "AI Business Course" and "Data Scientist Course

AVILEN Corporation (AVILEN) is now offering training courses for employees of Marubeni Corporation (a total of 140 participants) to explain the basic knowledge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, as well as development requests, implementation and management practices, and methods of time-series data analysis.

Junya Kimoto, Data Analytics Section, Digital Innovation Office, Marubeni Corporation, who is involved in the planning and operation of the training program together with AVILEN, said, "Our company is already expanding its efforts to use AI, and many new initiatives are also emerging as many employees are interested in introducing and using AI We are also seeing a number of new initiatives as many employees are interested in the introduction and use of AI," he said.

Mr. Kimoto commented, "It makes a lot of sense to further deepen our understanding of not only basic knowledge but also development and operation through training. It has definitely raised the (AI literacy) level of the company as a whole, and we are very grateful for that.

AVILEN is offering two training programs: an "AI Business Course" (conducted in a hands-on format with lectures at the venue) and a "Data Scientist Course" (conducted in an online delivery format). will be conducted over a six-month period.

The "AI Business Course" provides a wide range of explanations on the basics of AI and machine learning, as well as examples of their development and implementation. The course also includes a worksheet that lays out issues such as the amount and scope of data that should be handled when actually introducing AI, items that should be discussed with engineers in advance, issues that need to be resolved, and matters that should be kept in mind as a businessperson, and group discussions will be held. Group discussions will also be held.

The main purpose of the workshop is to help participants develop their own ideas for effective use of AI in practical business (organization launch, development request, implementation, sales, etc.) through the simulation of AI implementation.

The concept of the Data Scientist Course is not only to deepen students' understanding of machine learning, statistics, and time-series data analysis, but also to train engineers who can take part in the development of projects to achieve business goals, as well as engineers who can lead development using the necessary methods. The main goal is to have students acquire theoretical and practical methods through learning mainly the skills to implement AI and machine learning models.

AVILEN provides comprehensive support for companies' AI business through AI technology development and AI human resource development. We provide solutions tailored to the diverse needs of each company through AI algorithm development using deep learning technology, strategic consulting for smooth AI practices, and training programs to develop AI human resources.

Company Profile

Company name: AVILEN Corporation

Established: August 15, 2018
Representative Director: Yiming Choi
Address: Ginza Square 4F, 2-14-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business: AI development and consulting, AI human resource development, AI learning media management
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