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Five professional data science education companies have come together to jointly develop a textbook for the "Data Scientist Certification Test™ Literacy Level" exam preparation course.

AVILEN, Inc. (Note 1, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN), Digital Growth Academia, INC. (Note 2, hereinafter referred to as Digital Growth Academia), NEC Corporation (Note 3, hereinafter referred to as NEC), Hitachi Academy Co., Ltd. (Note 4, hereinafter referred to as Hitachi Academy) , Rejoui Inc. (Note 5, hereinafter Rejoui) will prepare for the “Data Scientist Test ™ Literacy Level (hereinafter DS Test ™)” (sponsored by the Data Scientist Association) starting in September 2021. jointly develop texts for Development of this textbook will be completed in late August, and it will be used in the DS Certification™ preparation courses that will be held sequentially by each of the five companies participating in the development of the textbook.

Through this initiative, we aim to contribute to accelerating the development of data scientists.

The development of human resources and data scientists who can utilize data in the digital age has become an important issue. In September 2021, the Data Scientists Association of Japan (DASAJ), an incorporated association that aims to define the skill sets required of data scientists, formulate axes and standards for skill development and evaluation, and provide an open environment where data scientists can meet and exchange opinions with each other, will launch the Data Scientist Certification Test™, an examination to measure the skills and knowledge required of data scientists, In September 2021, the Data Scientists Association of Japan will launch the DS Certification Test™, an examination that measures the skills and knowledge required of data scientists.

In response, AVILEN, Digital Growth Academia, NEC, Hitachi Academy, and Rejoui will jointly develop a textbook that will address the scope of the DS Certificate™ exam, which is equivalent to the Assistant Data Scientist level and integrated with the model curriculum in Mathematics, Data Science and AI (literacy level).

The five companies participating in the development are members of the Data Scientists Association of Japan, and are not only well versed in the data science field, but are also developing training businesses and have each deepened their knowledge. The joint development of these five companies will make it possible to cover a wide range of testing, and to combine the expertise and areas of specialization of each company.

In the future, each of the five companies will utilize the developed textbooks to develop certification preparation courses and seminars, thereby contributing to the development of qualified personnel for the "Data Scientist Certification Test™ Literacy Level".

About the Japan DataScientist Society and the DS Certificate™ Literacy Level

The Japan DataScientist Society defines and publishes the skills and knowledge required of data scientists as a skills checklist and task list three times in 2015, 2017, and 2019, in an effort to foster data scientists and develop society. The skills checklist task list consists of three areas: data science skills, data engineering skills, and business skills, each with three levels defined (Assistant Data Scientist (★) to Full Data Scientist (★★★★)).

The Data Scientist Certification Test™ Literacy Level, to be held from September 2021, is an examination that certifies that the candidate has practical skills and knowledge by synthesizing the Assistant Data Scientist Level (★) and the model curriculum in Mathematics, Data Science, and AI (Literacy Level) published by the Consortium of Core Centers for Enhancing Mathematics and Data Science Education.

Definition of Data Scientist (Note 6)

Model Curriculum in Mathematics, Data Science, and AI (Literacy Level)

In accordance with the AI Strategy 2019, the Consortium of Core Universities for Strengthening Education in Mathematical and Data Science has compiled a "Model Curriculum for Mathematical and Data Science and AI (Literacy Level) - Cultivating Data Thinking" for all university and technical college students (approximately 500,000 graduates/year), regardless of field, and is working on activities to spread and develop this curriculum to universities and technical colleges nationwide.

Comments from developers (in alphabetical order)

[Comprehensive support for AI business through technology and education]

Kotaro Takahashi, President of AVILEN

AVILEN, whose vision is to "cutting-edge technology for all," is participating in this joint development project with the aim of creating a society in which more people can understand and use cutting-edge technology. In the human resource development business, AVILEN has developed high-quality training services, including the "E-certificate" AI qualification course, which has achieved the highest number of successful trainees. Based on our past achievements, we provide the best courses.

[Through the use of data and digital technology, we create new value and change our lives and businesses for the better.]

Daisuke Kochu, Director, AI Human Resource Development Center, AI & Analytics Division, NEC (NEC Academy for AI)

NEC Academy for AI will continue to provide courses necessary to develop AI human resources, including data scientists.

[With digital as a weapon, people and companies will grow and bring change to Japan.]

Norimitsu Takahashi, President, Digital Growth Academia

Data utilization is now an indispensable element in promoting DX in companies. Since 2013, Digital Growth Academia has been involved in the data scientist training business and has supported the development of digital human resources in many companies, including IT companies, local governments, transportation, manufacturing, finance, and trading companies. In cooperation with the participating companies, we will provide more practical and useful courses.

[Contribute to society through the development of highly specialized and outstanding human resources.]

General Manager, L&D Department 1, Training and Development Division, Hitachi Academy of Management, Ltd.
(Head of Training Service Business in Data Science and DX area) Takahiro Tanaka

In order to unleash the power of data and move society in the right direction, it is now necessary to acquire data science knowledge. Hitachi Academy is committed to providing the best possible education for all people who use data. Hitachi Academy will contribute to the development of data scientists in cooperation with other companies by leveraging its solid track record and expertise in human resource development, having provided training to a total of 130,000 people annually and achieving an expected utilization rate of over 95% in business operations.

[Flexibility in Business with Data]

Yukiko Suga, Representative Director, Rejoui

What you will gain through the DS Certificate™ and preparation courses are not only "literacy" or "apprentice" level qualifications as a data scientist, but also a variety of other skills that are the gateway to the modern business person. We provide opportunities to acquire universal skills such as the ability to see the essence, to persuade based on evidence, and to make decisions.

(Note 1) Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kotaro Takahashi
(Note 2) Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Takayuki Morita
(Note 3) Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Norimitsu Takahashi
(Note 4) Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Raizo Sakoda
(Note 5) Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yukiko Suga
(Note 6) Quoted from "Data Scientist Certification Test™ Literacy Level" and "Data Scientists Association of Japan Press Release (2014.12.10)" by Data Scientists Association of Japan.

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