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Management succession support utilizes AVILEN-developed recommendation AI for SME M&A matching, reducing work time from 1 day to 1 minute!

Japan Management Succession Support Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Japan Management Succession Support") entrusted the design and development of an AI system to AVILEN and introduced the "Longlist Recommendation AI" to recommend business buyers. This case study was published in the Nikkei (July 8, 2021 morning edition), and is attracting attention as "reducing the work that took about a day to 1 minute''.
Director Yohei Mukai commented, "I was impressed by AVILEN's prompt response to the feasibility, man-hours, and cost of the project. I received a voice of joy. Regarding the future use of AI, Mr. Mukai said, "We will use AI to solve business succession problems in Japan. ’ and shows enthusiasm.

AVILEN will continue to support the company, whose mission is to deliver the benefits of AI to small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Japan Management Succession Support Director Yohei Mukai Interview (partial excerpt)

――We would be happy to hear about your company's initiatives and internal systems for utilizing AI.

Although we do not have a system in place, we are using digital technology, such as OCR to read financial statements for stock price calculation and to match the read results to the company's own format. We have been using simple RPA in the past, but we would like to further promote digitalization in the future.

We are also preparing to start hiring engineers, as we believe that we need more engineers in the company. We plan to start building an integrated AI and system structure in the fall.

――How was this AI development project planned?

In late 2019, we started researching possible themes for AI utilization with outside experts and picked up about 10 project ideas. After that, we started selecting AI vendors around the summer, and this project was realized as we started discussing what we wanted to do. This was our second project.

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AVILEN's AI System Development / AI Human Resource Development Solution

At AVILEN's AI System Development Division, our data scientists conduct interviews directly with clients. We will accompany you through the entire process from problem discovery to system development and problem solving.
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AVILEN also offers a wide range of human resource development solutions for companies that are considering improving AI literacy and technical skills of their employees to promote DX.

We provide customized human resource development solutions according to your objectives, such as "AI Business Course" and "G-Certificate Preparation Course" to learn the basics of AI and its applications, and "Data Scientist Course," "E-Certification Course," and "Specific Course" to train engineers to analyze data and implement AI.

As the wave of DX is sweeping across the world, why don't you start discovering and developing AI human resources in your company now so that you don't miss out on the wave?

Let's take this opportunity to start in-house training and accelerate the shift to DX in your company!

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AVILEN's goal is to create a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. We believe that the widespread use of technology will greatly expand the potential of individuals and lead to the realization of an affluent society.

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