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"AI Engineer Musya Syugyo Course" release decision! A selective AI engineer training program that provides a set from training to development project assignment

AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) will release a selective AI engineer training program "AI Engineer Musha Shugyo Course" for corporations.

This course is a program structure that provides a set of training and practice to become an AI engineer. Guaranteed to assign a certain number of graduates to AVILEN's AI development projects.
Through this course, AVILEN aims to develop AI engineers who can play a leading role in promoting AI utilization within each company, contributing to the realization of a society that can utilize AI more effectively.

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Purpose of this course

Although social implementation of AI is progressing in various industries, there is still a serious shortage of human resources who can develop AI. While efforts to develop human resources are increasing as part of employee reskilling,
We often hear that companies are reluctant to invest in human resource development because they have no specific AI projects in the company.

Since its founding in 2018, AVILEN has developed AI and machine learning related algorithms for more than 360 companies, mainly listed companies, under the vision of "cutting-edge technology for all". We have supported in-house production and the development of AI / DX human resources.

The purpose of the "AI Engineer Musha Shugyo Course" is to utilize this development and human resource development and provide the customer's engineers with a place to "practice training and development".

Use cases for this course

Example) Companies that provide their own engineering resources as services such as SIer, SES, system development, etc.

We have prepared a training course to acquire the knowledge and skills of AI engineering so that you can be assigned to the development site of AVILEN with a monthly unit price of 1 million yen or more.
We aim to train the graduates of this course who have returned to your company to be in charge of AI development projects and to play a leading role in promoting AI in your company.

Development steps of this course

STEP1:Candidate selection
Engineers selected in the customer's company will be subjected to AVILEN's own examination and interviews with data scientists to select participants for this course.
Centering on e-learning, training will be divided into two phases: a phase to develop basic skills in data science and AI engineering, and a phase to develop practical skills through OJT and PBL within the AVILEN development team.
STEP3:Project acceptance decision
AVILEN's project manager interviews students who have graduated from training and determines whether they can be assigned to a project. You will be active as a project member of AVILEN.

【10/5 Held】 AI Engineer Musha Shugyo Course Online Information Session

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Recommended for those who have such issues

  • We want to expand our proposal range with AI and data science projects
  • We want to give our engineers opportunities to experience real projects and reskilling.
  • We want to train our engineers and raise the unit price per project and per man-month.

Disclaimer about this course

  • Contract period
    • Training: 9 months, Project acceptance: 6 months
  • Cancellation and mid-term cancellation
    • Not allowed in principle.
    • If the student resigns or takes a leave of absence, cancellation is possible, but refund is not possible.
  • Acceptance guarantee conditions
    • The number of students accepted is guaranteed only when all the specified numbers below have graduated.
      • Guaranteed acceptance of 1 out of every 3 graduates
      • Example) If training starts with 12 people and 9 people graduate, we guarantee acceptance of 3 people.
  • Extension of training period
    • Even if you do not graduate from this course, you cannot extend it in principle.
  • Forced termination
    • If it is determined that the student's work attitude, etc., will significantly damage the credibility of our company, we will be able to cancel the contract without obtaining the agreement of both parties.
    • If it becomes difficult to continue training due to circumstances attributable to our company, such as the loss of stable business operations, we will be able to cancel the contract in the form of refunding half of the contract amount.

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