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[What are the six roles required for a successful AI implementation team?] AI training to produce business people who can lead AI implementation to success, including KPI setting and vendor selection

AVILEN Corporation (read: AVILEN) has launched a six-part training program to develop business and engineering professionals who can succeed in AI projects. We introduce our new system that employs microlearning to maintain training content and high motivation.

■Company Profile

AVILEN Corporation, a group of AI engineers, is a company that provides comprehensive support for corporate AI businesses through technology development and human resource development covering even the most advanced deep learning technologies.

What kind of human resources does a successful AI business team need?

■47% of projects are terminated at the planning stage!

Please see the chart below, which shows the progression of an AI project from planning, to implementation, to operation: When introducing AI, an experimental step called PoC is conducted to verify feasibility. However, in reality, about half of the projects do not even make it to the PoC stage.

What is a successful AI business team?

AVILEN has been involved in the process of various AI projects from definition to development, and has seen many actual development site issues and successful cases. In view of the current situation where projects are terminated at the planning stage, the perception that success can be achieved by teaming up with a vendor specializing in specialized skills is dangerous. In most cases, the challenges are due to a lack of in-house AI implementation experience and unclear problem setting. On this basis, we have developed an AI training program specialized for the development of each position in order to nurture a team that can succeed in AI projects.

In-house team structure for AI projects

What is the AI training program specialized for the development of each position?

The details of our AI training program, which is designed specifically for the development of each position in the AI business, are as follows. We divide training into three levels for both business and engineering positions, and provide training with appropriate curricula for each level.

For business professionals who promote AI projects

The program covers how to proceed with projects, how to set appropriate KPIs, and how to select vendors, which all those involved in AI-related work, such as sales, planning, and marketing, should be aware of.

AI Business General CourseIntroductory AI course for all business professionals to acquire basic knowledge of AI business
AI Business Practice CoursePractical course to prepare a proposal for AI implementation and work with AI vendor for successful PoC
AI Business Management CourseA course for managers to learn in a short time the necessary elements for management, such as finance and organization related to the introduction of AI.

■For engineering positions developing AI

We offer courses to develop AI engineers who can handle any task, from acquiring basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics to a wealth of practical exercises that utilize machine learning and deep learning.

Data Scientist General CourseIntroductory course for those new to AI development
Data Scientist Practical CourseFocus on the skills to implement AI and machine learning models and train engineers who can immediately take on some of the development of the project.
Data Scientist Master CourseDeveloping engineers who can deeply understand the theory, select the methods necessary to achieve business objectives, and lead the development process.

Microlearning-based learning for AI training for all employees

■Implementation of a learning system that maintains high motivation

This training program can comprehensively nurture AI human resources necessary for AI business, and effectively support all employees in raising their AI literacy level. We introduced a learning system that can maintain high motivation for more people to take the course.

Micro-Learning" for Efficient Learning in Spare Time

When we develop content for training, we use a microlearning method that repeats input and output frequently. Below are some of the rules we follow when developing content.

Provide opportunities to exchange opinions with other participants at effective times and explain in your own words, leading to deeper understanding.
The main points should be limited to about three in one lecture and be sophisticated design materials.

■Visualization of each student's learning status

Mentors can manage progress and constantly take measures and make improvements. In addition, corporate staff can add exercises as needed and rearrange the learning curriculum for each team. By weaving in face-to-face training as needed, we will provide a training program with a high degree of retention.

■Free Trial Account

First of all, we have trial contents for AI Business Course. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in trial content.


Contact person: Kaki Takahashi

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AVILEN is a group of AI specialists that provides comprehensive support for AI businesses through the training of AI personnel and the development of AI technologies. We provide a variety of AI solution services.

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Reference article:

Projected slide "FY 2008 Accomplishment Report: Survey on the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the Industrial Sector and the Safety of Artificial Intelligence Technology"

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