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【Best for corporate training for DX promotion】You can learn from the basics of AI literacy to the know-how of planning and promoting AI implementation - AI Business Course updated!


We have updated our "AI Business Course," which mainly targets companies that promote DX, and allows students to learn everything from the basics of machine learning to the know-how of planning and promoting AI implementation.
Based on the concept of "developing AI-literate DX promoters from zero prerequisite knowledge," this training course has been expanded to include not only input but also output-oriented content, such as work-style courses that can be applied to practical work. Two types of courses are available: a "Planning Course" for all employees and a "Promotion Course" for DX/IT promotion teams and information system departments, both of which are offered completely online.
We hope you will take advantage of this training course, which condenses the know-how that only AVILEN, an AI development company with a "100% PoC success rate," can provide to help you avoid project failure!

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What is AI Business Training?

With the spread of work style reforms, many companies are promoting DX (Digital Transformation). On the other hand, many companies have voiced concerns such as, "We don't have the human resources to promote DX and introduce AI," and "We don't know where to start".
This training course will meet all such needs! Our strength is a practical curriculum that enables even those with no knowledge at all to acquire basic AI literacy as well as planning and promotion of AI implementation.
We also offer special group discounts, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Features of Training

  • Two types of AI Business Planning Course and AI Business Promotion Course are available according to participants' levels.
  • In the planning course, students acquire basic AI literacy and learn about planning for AI implementation.
  • In the promotion course, you will learn practical promotion flow based on actual AI introduction cases.
  • Planning work common to both courses allows students to think about their own company's issues and apply what they learn to practical work.
  • Online completion, so you can take the course anytime, anywhere (※In-person and group training are also available upon request)
  • Full study support helps all students to complete the course without any setbacks.

Case Examples

A total of 140 employees of Marubeni Corporation took the "AI Business Course," the predecessor of this training course. A questionnaire survey showed a 93% satisfaction rate, and the person in charge of the course commented, "It has definitely raised the (AI literacy) level of the entire company, for which we are very grateful".

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