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【Pass rate of over 85% for 4 consecutive terms】AVILEN achieves No. 1 in the number of successful applicants in E-Certification 2021#2 for the second consecutive term!


In E-Certification 2021#2 sponsored by the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), the number of successful applicants who completed the JDLA certification program "E-Certification Course for All Mankind," offered by AVILEN Corporation, reached 270.

The pass rate was 85.7%, 15.3 percentage points higher than the average pass rate of other companies, and for the second consecutive term, the number of successful applicants was the highest, with approximately 31% of all applicants having completed AVILEN's E-Certification Course.

AVILEN will do its best to support all AI engineers who wish to obtain E-Certification by providing the highest quality E-Certification courses.

【JDLA Accredited Programs】E-Certification Course for All Mankind


AVILEN has maintained the highest level of pass rates for three consecutive terms since we began operating as a JDLA-accredited provider of E-Certification in 2019#2. For the 2021#2 exam, we were able to continue our high level of results with 270 successful applicants and a pass rate of 85.7%.

AVILEN is committed to providing the highest quality courses to all E-Certification candidates by making daily improvements and updating the program content to keep up with the latest trends.

Data on the number of students who passed the "E-Certification Course for All Mankind" and the passing rate

What is the E-Certification Course for All Mankind?

AVILEN's active data scientists, who have achieved a 100% PoC success rate for AI development projects, have passionately created the JDLA-certified E-Certification program from scratch.

◎ Online completion allows you to study anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.
◎ Complete E-Certification with lecture videos by active data scientists, coding exercises, and over 740 exam preparation questions
◎ Full support system, including unlimited chat support
◎ Basic course option for first-time AI students

We encourage everyone aiming for the next E-Certification Exam 2022#1 (February 18 and 19, 2022) to register for the "E-Certification Course for All Mankind"!

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