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Extension of the support period for the "E-qualification Course" and the start of accepting "real examinations" - following the cancellation of the August examinations.

On May 11, the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) announced on its official website the cancellation of the "E-Certification" exam for AI engineers scheduled to be held in August.

In response to this, AVILEN will extend the support period for newly accepted students in the "E-qualification Course for Understanding All Humans" until at least the next exam to be held (end of February 2021).

In addition, AVILEN has decided to conduct an "Online Real Exam" in August of the same year. After the exam, a video of the answers and explanations will be made available, and the results and average score will also be disclosed. Students of the course will be able to take the test at a discount.

What is "E-Certification"?

AVILEN's E-Certification course (online) has achieved a 94.4% pass rate in the last exam. This proves the high quality of our courses.

E-qualification course special page: 

Support Period Extended

For those who register now only! The support period for this course, which is normally six months, will be extended until the next E-Certification (February 2021 or later) free of charge.

The earlier you start the course, the longer the support period will be! Please apply as soon as possible.

E-qualification real-life mock exam

The "E-qualification Production Mock Exam" will be held online on August 29-31!

Registration is now open.

We will provide you with original questions and a full answer explanation video for the mock exam. In addition, AVILEN course participants will receive a discount on the examination fee! Please take advantage of this service to help you pass the exam.

For more information and to register for the mock exam, please visit:

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