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AVILEN's E-Certification Course, "No.1 in the Number of Successful Candidates," has undergone a major renewal! - The curriculum and teaching materials have been renewed to make it even easier to understand!

【Starts in May, with free updates available to existing students】


AVILEN's E-Certification Course, which achieved the "No. 1 pass rate and 93% pass rate" in the E-Certification Exam in March, will be renewed so that more people can learn AI and deep learning from the beginning to the latest technologies.

Specifically, the entire curriculum has been reviewed and reorganized for efficient learning in a form specifically designed for online learning. In addition, the course materials and videos have been greatly updated to reflect the latest technological trends. Assignments and exams have also been improved to make them more appropriate for students.

The new course will be available from May 1 (Sat.) for applications, and those who started before May will be informed of updates to the new course gradually after May 6 (Thu.), after GW.
E-Certification Course Details:


What is the E-Certification Course for All Mankind?

As an accredited program of the Japan Deep Learning Association, this course was passionately created from scratch by AVILEN's team of data scientists with a wealth of practical experience to thoroughly prepare students for the E-Certification, an AI engineer certification.

We have maintained the quality of our courses, which are backed up by our high performance, such as "No. 1 in the number of successful applicants and 93.6% pass rate (2021#1)," through repeated daily updates.

<Examinees and Pass Rates to Date>

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On the other hand, we have not been able to respond to requests for fundamental improvements in curriculum and assignments due to the time-consuming work involved in reviewing and creating teaching materials.

This release is a major renewal in response to those comments, and the entire creation team has reviewed the curriculum, course materials, assignments, and examinations from the ground up. As a result, students can learn the latest AI technologies in an efficient and easy-to-understand manner, in a form that is more focused on online learning.

We invite you to take our new "Highest Quality E-Certification Course Online"!

※The service will be available from May 1 (Sat.) for applications. Existing students will also be able to apply from May 6 (Thu.).

Renewal Details

✓ 6-chapter curriculum subdivided and restructured to optimize online learning
 →Emphasizes content connection more than ever before, from the basics such as CNNs and RNNs to applications such as natural language and image processing
✓ Additional and revised course materials to keep up-to-date with the latest content on deep learning
 →AlphaGo, BERT, WaveNet and many others.
✓ All lecture videos are re-recorded and explained by instructors with a wealth of practical experience in an easy-to-understand manner.
✓ Coding assignments that build implementation skills are also tailored to the curriculum.
✓ A thorough review of the examination questions has been conducted, and both quality and volume have been greatly improved.

Sample: Comparison of materials before and after renewal

<Before renewal>

<After renewal>

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