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"DX Literacy Course" release decision! A human resource development program for corporations that learns five fields useful for promoting DX through e-learning and work


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) has decided to release the “DX Literacy Course” where you can learn the essential literacy for promoting DX.

This course consists of "Assessment" → "E-Learning + End of Chapter Work" → "Final Work", and is designed to repeat the input and output of literacy by advancing learning.

The curriculum is designed for DX beginners, so it is ideal for companies that want to raise the literacy of their employees. In promoting DX, if you have issues with human resource development content, please consider the "DX Literacy Course".

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Purpose of the DX Literacy Course

AVILEN's definition of DX is "to realize business growth by providing an overwhelming customer experience using digital technology". It is a curriculum for you to acquire the minimum necessary knowledge to realize this DX.

Course overview

Course plan

◎Basic plan

We have prepared multiple plans according to the number of students, starting with "Unlimited use for 400,000 yen per month for up to 100 accounts".
Please contact us for details.
※The contract period can be selected from 3 months / 6 months / 12 months.

◎Special plan

For customers who say, "Suddenly introducing E-learning is a high hurdle, and I want to start a little easier," we also accept "1-day or half-day live lectures" that carefully select part of the "DX Literacy Course". Please feel free to contact us.
※Participants: 20 people/time
※Cost: Individual estimate

◎Paid option

・Final workshop feedback meeting
 Instructor provides feedback and commentary on the final assignment
・Support for customer success
 The customer success representative will support your company's establishment of DX literacy
・OJT escort support
 Data scientists and consultants will accompany you from the planning of the proposed DX project to its in-house execution.

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