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Launched "ChatMee Pro powered by GPT-4" an AI assistant


AVILEN, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) will utilize its track record of providing business solutions, including the use of AI technology, to more than 530 companies in total. ChatGPT-equipped AI assistant "ChatMee" will be available from April 14, 2023.

What is ChatGPT-equipped AI assistant "ChatMee"?

"ChatMee" is an AI assistant equipped with ChatGPT. It is a service that allows you to use cutting-edge AI technology for a monthly fee (fixed cost + number of active users x usage fee).

By uploading in-house manuals and documents, answers can be extracted instantly from a huge amount of information. By automating internal inquiries, we can improve the efficiency of back-office operations, and by consolidating the rules and know-how that were scattered throughout the company, we eliminate the dependence on individual skills.

Professional staff will support you from the introduction to the start of operation of the service, so even those who do not have knowledge of ChatGPT or AI can use it with confidence.

Functions and features of "ChatMee"

① Automatic response (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
AI assistant "ChatMee" answers in-house Q&A interactively 24 hours a day, regardless of time
② Display the reference source document as a link
We will reply with the reference link of the reference document and procedure, so you can check the source of the information as well.
③ Can be linked with chat tools
It is possible to link with in-house SNS such as slack, and you can use "ChatMee" from the chat tool.
④ Compatible with a wide variety of data formats
Information can be obtained from various data such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, txt, html, markdown, etc.
⑤ Security suitable for corporate use
Security and data confidentiality compliant with Microsoft Azure standards are guaranteed, so corporate use is safe
⑥ Compatible with smartphones and tablets
Access the information you need anywhere, on any device, anywhere

About AVILEN, Inc.

With the vision of "cutting-edge technology for all", AVILEN provides DX solutions centered on AI technology implementation and digital organization development to more than 530 companies (*1), mainly listed companies. doing. We provide end-to-end support for data-driven DX promotion, from the development of machine learning-related algorithms such as deep learning and support for their in-house production, to strategic planning for digital organization development and training of DX/AI human resources.

(*1) Actual number of service providers as of February 2023

Company Profile

Company name :AVILEN, Inc.
Representative :Kotaro Takahashi, President and Representative Director
Home page
Location :9th floor of Akihabara First Square, 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment:August 15, 2018
Business description :
・Resolving business issues by developing AI and data utilization technology
・Support for organizational transformation through strategy planning for digital organization development and training of DX/AI human resources
・Development, provision and introduction support of SaaS products using AI technology

PR Inquiries
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