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AVILEN supports in-house production of "AI Traffic Jam Prediction Model" by GeoTechnologies, Inc. through on-the-job advisory.

AVILEN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Kotaro Takahashi; hereinafter “AVILEN”) will launch GeoTechnologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroshige Sugihara) from September 2022. We provided “AI Technology Implementation Advisory”, a support service for in-house AI development, to “GeoTechnologies”).

We shared and installed the knowledge of machine learning and AI introduction that we have accumulated through AI solution development with the company's development team in the form of OJT (On Job Training), and supported the in-house production of the "AI traffic congestion prediction model".

<"AI traffic congestion prediction model" press release>

Challenges of in-house production of “AI traffic congestion prediction model”

GeoTechnologies has started in-house production for the commercialization of the "AI Traffic Jam Prediction Model". Since we already had the knowledge and technology to build AI and machine learning models, we needed speed and the ability to build a development schedule that ensured the quality of the technology.
In order to improve the ability to implement projects, we have welcomed AVILEN as a development partner, which has a track record of success with many companies and is good at organizing information and costs necessary for technology development.

Advisory content and results

AVILEN's business architects and data scientists provided the following support to GeoTechnologies' project team

PM Agency
Organizing the purpose and background of the project
・Organizing the project promotion system
・Schedule management
・Correction of result report materials

②Technical Assistant
・Proposal of policies for AI/machine learning and system development
・Support for input of necessary knowledge
・System design review
・Code review

Through about eight months of OJT support, the GeoTechnologies project team acquired know-how for project promotion and AI/machine learning model construction, and succeeded in developing an "AI traffic congestion prediction model."
AVILEN will continue to support the release and actual operation of products equipped with GeoTechnologies' "AI traffic congestion prediction model".

About AI Technology Implementation Advisory

"AI Technology Implementation Advisory" is an AI development mentor and human resources education service that provides experienced business architects and data scientists to support AI development projects. Through practical work, we accumulate know-how within the client company and support the development of a self-propelled in-house AI development team.

Main service contents

PM Agency
Create a WBS and promote the project, from issue identification/planning to implementation

②Development Assistant
Break through development barriers by acting on behalf of highly difficult tasks of design and implementation

Regular Consultation/Q&A Chat
Resolving business, technical and project management issues in AI development

Code Review/Sample Code Provided
Improving the ability to implement machine learning, software, and web engineering

Consultation and estimate for "AI technology implementation advisory"

Service page

Service introduction material download form

Request for quotation / Inquiry

About GeoTechnologies, Inc.

Founded in 1994 as a multimedia software development company with the mission of "filling the earth with joy". The following year, "MapFan" won the Nikkei Best Software Award, followed by the Nikkei Newspaper Award for Japan's first i-mode map, and the world's first communication car navigation system. In addition to providing map data and location information solutions for corporations, we have evolved further and are leading the Japanese map industry as a major map company by providing high-precision 3D data maps that are essential for the realization of advanced automated driving. doing.

Company Profile

Company name GeoTechnologies, Inc.
Representative Hiroshige Sugihara, President and CEO
Home page :
Head office location :Bunkyo Green Court Center Office, 2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment:May 1, 1994
Business description :
・ Automotive business (high-precision 3D maps, map data for navigation, connected services, solutions for mobility services)
・GIS business (map application development kit, digital map database, map cloud service for web and business systems, MapFan, MapFanAssist)
・Application business (trima, trima coupon, address confirmation service, people flow analysis service)

◆About AVILEN, Inc.

With the vision of "cutting-edge technology for all", AVILEN provides DX solutions centered on AI technology implementation and digital organization development to more than 530 companies (*1), mainly listed companies. doing. We provide end-to-end support for data-driven DX promotion, from the development of machine learning-related algorithms such as deep learning and support for their in-house production, to strategic planning for digital organization development and training of DX/AI human resources.
(*1) Actual number of service providers as of February 2023

Company Profile

Company name :AVILEN, Inc.
Representative :Kotaro Takahashi, President and Representative Director
Home page
Location :9th floor of Akihabara First Square, 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment:August 15, 2018
Business description :
・Resolving business issues by developing AI and data utilization technology
・Support for organizational transformation through strategy planning for digital organization development and training of DX/AI human resources
・Development, provision and introduction support of SaaS products using AI technology

PR Inquiries

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