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AVILEN selected for "Microsoft for Startups" - to provide a more accurate AI engine


AVILEN, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which specializes in the field of deep learning and develops business centered on the development of high-precision AI technology, has been selected for "Microsoft for Startups", a startup support program provided by Microsoft Corporation (Headquarters: Washington, USA).
Based on the numerous support provided through this program, AVILEN will continue to push forward to realize "a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology."
Program Details:


Background of Program Participation

What is "Microsoft for Startups"?

This startup support program aims to create a global ecosystem by connecting startups with new customers and channel partners offered by Microsoft Corporation in more than 140 countries around the world.
Startups selected for the program will receive support for Azure and other technologies, as well as access to the company's partner network and dedicated resources suitable for business expansion.
AVILEN applied for and was selected for this program because we are confident that we will be able to provide more customers with high-quality AI solutions by gaining a stable development platform and business expansion opportunities.

Specific Application Examples and Service Introduction

Development and sales of tools related to deep learning

AVILEN provides flexible AI solutions based on three high-precision AI engines, PARROT, FALCON, and HAWK, which can handle any situation.
By utilizing an AI engine, AI implementation can be achieved in as little as 2 months while keeping costs low. (e.g. classification of specific books, optimal value prediction of land prices and demand prices, product anomaly detection, etc.)

Contracted development and implementation consulting of AI systems

AVILEN undertakes data analysis, AI application consulting, and AI system development on a contract basis to solve various business issues faced by its clients. We have realized high quality development. In the past two years, AVILEN has been entrusted with more than 30 AI projects, achieving a 100% PoC success rate, and many of these projects are now in the phase of practical application and actual implementation.
The selection of AVILEN for the "Microsoft for Startups" program has further strengthened the foundation of AVILEN's AI development. This will enable us to further improve the quality of the AI engine we are developing and providing to realize AVILEN's vision of "bringing the latest technology to as many people as possible" at an even higher level.


〈AVILEN's goal is to create a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. We believe that the widespread use of technology will greatly expand the potential of individuals and lead to the realization of an affluent society.〉

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