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AVILEN Corporation becomes a regular member of Japan Deep Learning Association. Started accepting applications for Japan's first AI certification course (September term)!

Becomes a Full Member of the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA)

The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) is an organization that aims to improve Japan's industrial strength through the use of deep learning and other technologies. AVILEN Corporation has become a full member of the Japan Deep Learning Association, and is committed to further deep learning-focused human resource development and social implementation of AI. In line with this change, we have partially changed our brand logo.

Activities of the Japan Deep Learning Association

AVILEN Corporation will be involved in the management of the Japan Deep Learning Association as a regular member. Specifically, as a member of the Human Resource Development Committee, which promotes Japan's first deep learning (DL) human resource certification system, AVILEN will focus on further developing AI human resources by defining how certification/qualification should be and how to evaluate human resources. In addition, as a member of the Industrial Application Promotion Committee, which aims to promote the implementation of AI/DL in society, we will hold study sessions on case studies and provide technology for companies considering the implementation of AI/DL.

We will begin accepting applications for students for the next E-qualification exam.

What is the E-qualification compatible Deep Learning Course for All Human Beings?

E-qualification is the first AI certification in Japan, which certifies that the candidate understands the theory of deep learning and can implement appropriate methods. AVILEN is an accredited driving school.

We are now accepting applications for the September and October semesters in preparation for the E-qualification exam in February 2020. As in the past, we will continue to hold courses under the policy of "supporting students to pass the E-qualification in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. In our daily dialogue with participants, we are concerned about lowering the hurdle so that more people can participate, in response to their comments that the cost of training is too high and that they are too busy to take time off to study.

About the even more powerful E-qualification compatible courses

Basic courses renewed in response to requests for advance study

E-qualification courses require prerequisite knowledge of Python and mathematics necessary to understand deep learning, and AVILEN offers basic courses that allow students to learn Python, machine learning, statistics, and mathematics in advance. In addition, we have started offering five new basic deep learning courses in the September term. In addition, all participants will receive a 3-hour video lecture on Introduction to Deep Learning Theory as a gift, and we will strive to devise ways to deepen their understanding of the subject.

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