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Collaborating with TIS to Develop and Provide AI Human Resource Development Services ~ Leveraging AVILEN's content development know-how to support the development and provision of TIS's unique data analysis and AI human resource development services ~


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter "AVILEN") is a member of the TIS INTEC Group, TIS Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasushi Okamoto, hereinafter TIS) and We have started collaboration in the development and provision of data analysis and AI human resource development services provided by  Miotsukushi Analytics Co., Ltd. (Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President: Wataru Ihara; hereinafter referred to as Miotsukushi).

The data analysis and AI human resource development service provided by TIS/Miotsukushi is a service that meets the needs of companies for in-house AI human resources and solves business problems using AI.
By combining AVILEN's e-learning method with TIS/Miotsukushi Analytics' AI human resource development know-how, we have created a curriculum that can train AI human resources from inexperienced people.

<Service Overview>

This service is,
①E-learning and workshops to acquire basic skills
②OJT training to acquire practical skills
AVILEN will support the development and provision of the following contents.

AI Generalist Training
This course provides the minimum AI knowledge required for non-AI engineers to promote AI projects, the concept of understanding AI for non-data scientists, and the know-how to promote AI projects.

It will provide an image of what AI can do, what methods should be utilized to solve analytical problems, and the technical elements required to implement AI.

Data Analysis Basics
You will learn a complete set of analytical methods to actually perform analytical work in the field: statistical methods for data extraction and analysis utilizing SQL, and Python, which is in high demand for AI development.

<Company Overview>

About AVILEN, Inc.(
Since its establishment in 2018, AVILEN has provided comprehensive support to more than 360 companies, mainly listed companies, in promoting AI and DX, from AI/DX strategy planning, to the development of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning and their in-house production, to the training of AI/DX human resources, under the vision of "cutting-edge technology for all". We provide comprehensive support for AI-driven DX promotion, from strategic planning, development of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning, and their internalization, to training of AI and DX human resources.

About TIS Inc.
TIS INTEC Group, as a business partner of more than 3,000 companies in diverse industries including financial, industrial, public, and distribution service sectors, faces all kinds of business challenges of our customers and provides "IT to support growth strategies". We aim to realize a prosperous society by providing IT services that co-create with our customers and society in Japan and the ASEAN region through our industry knowledge and IT building capabilities cultivated over 50 years.

About Miotsukushi Analytics Co., Ltd.(
Miotsukushi Analytics is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis, focusing on solving business issues through "data analysis" combining various methods such as statistics, machine learning, data mining, and mathematical optimization. As a group of experts who bring value to big data, our strength lies not only in analytical work, but also in creating client profits through the business application of data science.

AVILEN's goal is to create a society in which more people can understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. We believe that the widespread use of technology will greatly expand the potential of individuals and lead to the realization of an affluent society.

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