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【Special Report】G-Certificate Preparation Course Receives Major Update! Newly updated to thoroughly address the latest trends and make explanations even easier to understand!


AVILEN has recently made significant updates to its "G-Certification Preparation Course for All Mankind" in response to feedback from students and the latest changes in G-Certification trends. Specifically, we have reinforced and improved explanations in the areas of machine learning and deep learning, added information on laws and the latest methods, and renewed the videos. We will also update the course free of charge for those who are currently taking the course.
This course, created by instructors who boast a 94% "pass rate" for E-Certification, is ideal for those who are aiming to pass the G-certification exam in November, one month prior to the exam! With our "Pass Guarantee" system, you can be assured of a full refund of the course fee even if you fail to pass the exam.
Please see the dedicated page for more details.


Many people on social networking sites are saying that the trend of the G-Certificate has changed dramatically this year and that it has become more difficult again. In fact, many of the existing G-Certification preparation books and contents are not up to the challenge, and many people are concerned about what they should use to study for the G-Certification. Many people are concerned about what they should use to study for the G-Certificate.
In response to these voices, AVILEN's "G-Certificate Preparation Course for All Mankind" has now been substantially updated. In addition, we have taken this opportunity to improve the course to the extent possible in response to requests from current students, resulting in a more satisfactory course.※Free updates for current students 

Main Updates

  • New materials and explanatory videos have been added to reflect the latest trend of questions in the field of law.
  • Reorganized materials focusing on machine learning and deep learning in response to changing trends, and provided easier-to-understand explanations of each technique.
  • Added content on the latest methods such as EfficientNet and Neural Architecture Search
  • Added summary notes on reinforcement learning and legal scope
  • Added 20 new questions
  • Almost all of the videos have been re-shot and the sound and image quality has been improved to make the course easier to take.

This course will definitely bring you much closer to passing the exam! The exam is an exam, and it is possible that you may miss the exam for a variety of reasons. To prepare for that eventuality, we have introduced a "Pass Guarantee System" for this course. If you fail the exam despite completing the course, the course fee will be fully refunded. We are confident in the content of the course, which is why we offer this system.
The next G-Certification Examination will be held in one month. We are sure that this course will be useful for you as you aim to pass the G-Certification Examination in the shortest possible distance from now! Let's conquer the G-examination together!

Other: Information related to the G-Certification Examination

AVILEN's G-Certification preparation book, written by AVILEN, is now on sale by popular demand! Now, you can get it for free when you take the G course!

The "Shortest Way Through Deep Learning G-Certification Examination Question Book" (publisher: Gijutsu-Hyoron Co., Ltd.), which has been talked about as the "Red Book" in analogy to the official "White Book and Black Book," is now on sale at major e-commerce sites and bookstores. Please refer to this article for details of this book.
In addition, if you take a new G-Certification course by the end of October, you will receive a free copy of this book. If you study in the new course and work through the red book, you are sure to get much closer to passing the exam! Please take advantage of this campaign.
For more details, please click here.

Free G-Certification course for new E-Certification course students until the end of November!

New students who enroll in AVIELN's E-Certification course, which boasts a 94.4% pass rate, by the end of November will receive the G-Certification course for free. If you are already enrolled in the G-Certification course and apply for the E-Certification course, you will receive a cash refund of 20,900 yen for the G-Certification course fee.
Recommended for those who are looking to step up from G-Certification to E-Certification! Please see the dedicated page for details.

G-Certificate Online Webinar

On Thursday, October 8 at 7:30 p.m., a successful AVILEN G-Certificate candidate will be on stage to discuss the latest exam trends. Free of charge; please consider attending if you are struggling to study for the G-Certificate! For more details and to register, please go to this page.

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