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Released "DX/AI organization development roadmap formulation", a consulting service for formulating a DX/AI organization launch and training roadmap


AVILEN, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as AVILEN) will release the “DX / AI Organization Development Roadmap Formulation Service”.

This service formulates a custom-made DX/AI organizational roadmap based on business goals and strategies.
We support problem solving for customers who do not have the know-how to create an organization in-house and cannot use DX and AI as they wish.

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Service overview

"Digital organization development roadmap formulation service" is a service that supports the creation of an organization that can achieve the "DX / AI strategy" set by breaking down company-wide strategies such as business plans and medium-term management plans.
We will set up an organization, devise a roadmap for securing human resources, and provide output in the steps of "ideal state" → "current situation analysis" → "development plan or recruitment plan".

In addition, AVILEN, which has supported AI development, in-house production, and AI/DX human resource development for various companies, can support the implementation of measures after the roadmap is formulated.
If you do not have the know-how to create an organization in-house and have problems such as not being able to work on DX as you wish, please leave it to AVILEN.

Roadmap development steps

STEP01:Ideal state of mind
Break down the business plan and medium-term management plan and formulate a DX / AI promotion strategy based on the company's business goals and issues. Define the mission of the organization that can achieve this, the people and skills that the organization needs.
STEP02:Current situation analysis
Based on the defined human resource requirements, we measure the aptitude of employees by assessing the current status of employees, human resource development content, and the output of competitions.
STEP03:Development plan formulation
For each selected member whose aptitude is recognized in STEP02, we will formulate a training plan to raise it to the required human resource level.
STEP04:Recruitment plan formulation
We will formulate a recruitment plan for hiring the human resources defined in STEP01 from outside.

【October 20th】 Online briefing session on “DX/AI organization development roadmap formulation”

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