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The most cost-effective AI learning] Offering courses certified by the Japan Deep Learning Association at the lowest price in the industry! Statistics for All Mankind begins accepting students in April.


What is Statistics for All Mankind to Understand?

Statistics for Humanity is a learning media related to AI with a focus on statistics. In the short time since its establishment, we have posted many articles, and the number of users is increasing daily. Furthermore, we hold learning seminars sponsored by Statistics for All Human Beings 365 days a year, and have given face-to-face courses to more than 5,000 people so far.

Features: We have one of the largest number of courses in Japan and provide an environment to learn AI in a single step.

<Background of our service and difficulties in introducing AI>

One of the challenges we have felt most in promoting many AI projects is the lack of AI knowledge of our clients. They tend to think, "If we use AI, we can do this, right? If they do not have a correct understanding of what AI can and cannot do, there is a possibility that there will be a gap in their final goals. For this reason, AVILEN offers AI training for corporate clients and AI human resource development courses specialized for practical use, and has trained many AI personnel.

<New AI learning course focusing on efficiency and specialized for practical use will be launched this April! >

It is clear that the AI market will expand in size, and the development of AI human resources is an urgent need. AVILEN is offering courses to develop business-side and engineering-side human resources required for AI projects with increased power.

AI Business Application Course

This course is designed to train business people who have basic knowledge of AI and can correctly promote AI business, and is taught by an AI consultant. The course is designed to be compatible with the "G Certification," a qualification for AI generalists established by the Japan Deep Learning Association.


Features: The course materials are designed to be easy to understand for beginners.

Deep Learning Course for All Human Beings

This course is designed to train AI engineers who understand deep learning from its theory and can implement the most appropriate AI for their tasks. the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) provides direct support and gives students not only lectures but also experience in product development. We provide full support for students to learn practical skills in a super-efficient manner. The course is designed to meet the "E-qualification" for AI engineers, which is officially certified by the Japan Deep Learning Association.


Features: Students who pass the first test can skip the supplementary course and pass the E-qualification quickly and inexpensively.

<Support for passing E-qualification in the shortest time and at the lowest price>

We are recruiting students for the last E-qualification exam of this year, which will be held on August 31. For those who are interested in becoming an AI engineer, we recommend that you start preparing for the exam little by little now. Also, if you have decided to give it a try, please consider using our services as we will do our best to support you.

Attractiveness of E-qualification compatible courses

  • Japan Deep Learning Association certified program
  • One of the largest supplementary courses in Japan, allowing students to learn from the basics all the way through.
  • Lectures and interview support by CTO from a developer's point of view
  • The shortest and lowest-cost course system that allows students to skip supplementary courses by taking a confirmation test in advance.
  • 24-hour chat service to answer questions.
  • We offer a full refund guarantee for those who succeed in finding a new job.
  • Student and friend referral discounts of up to 50,000 yen are available.

Company Profile

Overview of AVILEN Corporation

Company name: AVILEN Corporation
Location: 6F Rivera Iwamotocho, 3-5-14 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1010032, Japan
Representative Director: Yiming Choi
Business description:
・Seminar business related to AI and machine learning
・Seminar business related to AI and machine learning
・Consulting business on AI and machine learning
・System development business related to AI and machine learning

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