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WHAT IS DS-HubAbout DS-Hub

A community of machine learning researchers whose members have passed the 6% pass rate test

The AVILEN DS-Hub (DS-Hub) is a community of machine learning researchers who implement AI technology in society through AVILEN projects. 200 people who have passed an independent test prepared by AVILEN are members of the DS-Hub, which is divided into a Development Team, a Human Resource Development Team, and a Support Team according to the type of activity. Support Team.

Member's university (in random order)

The University of Tokyo / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Kyoto University / Waseda University / Keio University / University of Tsukuba, etc.

Promote projects with AI professionals

We work with AVILEN employees who are active on the front lines as data scientists and engineers to promote a variety of projects. Meet the AVILEN employees who manage and support the team.

  • DS-Hub GraduationMitsuno Kakeru

    Mitsuno Kakeru

    Development Team Manager / Data Scientist

    Graduated from Hiroshima University Graduate School. He specializes in computer vision and deep learning at university, and is engaged in research on optimization of network structures in deep learning. Since he was a student, he has been involved in AI development such as recommendations and images as an intern at AVILEN, and officially joined AVILEN. In addition to his extensive knowledge as a data scientist, he is active on the front lines as a PM, leveraging his high management ability.

  • Mehata Tomoki

    Mehata Tomoki

    DX Strategy Team Manager / Consultant

    At a foreign-affiliated consulting company, I belonged to the personnel organization development department and supported reforms mainly at major companies. Combined with the background of researching AI and machine learning at university and graduate school, she has a wide range of experience from the launch of the DX Promotion Office to the training of AI human resources. Utilizing his knowledge from his previous job, he is currently working as a lead consultant in AI development at AVILEN.

  • DS-Hub GraduationKurusu Yugo

    Kurusu Yugo

    Consultant / Data Scientist

    Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School. He majored in information engineering from a technical college and researched sensor networks, vehicle systems, and facility diagnostics. He has extensive knowledge in deep learning, backend, cloud and information fields. Currently, he participates in various projects of major trading companies, banks, and companies, and performs various roles such as manager, consultant, developer, and lecturer.

  • Kirii Shin

    Kirii Shin

    PdM / Engineer

    Majored in physics at the University of Toyama Faculty of Science and the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science. After receiving her master's degree, she joined a company that operates a school for kindergarten to high school students, and has experience as a project leader for a programming class. He then joined AVILEN after several development projects as a system engineer. At AVILEN, he is in charge of the product manager of the DS test preparation course in the human resource development business, and steers from policy decision to creation and correction of course content.

TEAMThree teams

  • AI Software Team

    AI Software Team


    You will be involved in development projects with AVILEN's customers, demonstrating your specialized skills in machine learning. In some cases, you may be asked to report and present to customers. You will greatly enhance your skills and practical experience by working with a team of active data scientists.

    【Main Job】Development of machine learning and deep learning models / Data analysis / Preparation of proposal materials, etc. ※Determined by suitability and desire

    【Development Environments】Python / pandas / sklearn / Pytorch / AWS・Azure / GitHub, etc.

    ※For details on activities, etc., please refer to the details of each internship being offered.

  • Build-up Team

    Build-up Team


    While utilizing your knowledge of machine learning, you will operate AVILEN's training and courses, create better teaching materials, and correct students' assignments. Depending on your aptitude, you may also be assigned to teach webinars, etc. You will have many opportunities to review code for AI and machine learning assignments and learn in a practical way.

    【Main Job】Grading of deep learning assignments and response to questions / AI training curriculum design and creation of teaching materials, etc. ※Determined by suitability and desire

    ※For details on activities, etc., please refer to the details of each internship being offered.

  • Support Team

    Support Team


    The position will support the development and human resource development teams in performing various tasks such as system construction, etc. You do not need to have any expertise in AI to work in this area.

    【Main Job】Website development and coding / Research on AI introduction and education / Organization of documents, etc. ※Determined by suitability and desire

    ※For details on activities, etc., please refer to the details of each internship being offered.

MEMBERMember Introductions

Enrolled Members

Tomoki Shirai
Yuri Soga
Takashi Daito
Mitsuharu Sakata
Masahiko Kato
Taisei Nohara
Kodai Hirata
Yui Kimura
Kenichiro Ikeda
Takuya Fukushima
Motoshi Abe
Motoki Tanaka
Hiroki Watari
Mito Myojin


Takefumi Yoshikawa
Kakeru Mitsuno
Masaya Watanabe
Takumi Otani
Yugo Kurusu
Daiki Noguchi
Kei Hasegawa
Yuki Kato
Ryota Takahashi


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